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I thought it might be interesting to have a thread where people can post weather extremes from other countries that might appear on their news feeds but are not generally reported on.

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Flash flooding today in Constanta on the Black Sea in Romania.

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And we thought it was hot here. Over 30C inside the Arctic Circle today.

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Translated from Spanish by Microsoft
This was the transit of the giant iceberg on the coast near the Innaarsuit village in Greenland several days ago. The authorities feared the possibility of a tsunami if the iceberg was broken: fortunately it remained intact.
�� @ABC @StormchaserUKEU

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I was on the East coast of Majorca on Monday afternoon.
On Monday morning I was surprised to see that the sandbanks at my local beach were all gone, all the seagrass patches were gone and the sea water temperature was down about 5c.

I had no idea about the tsunami until I got home, so now I realise that the tsunamis had washed away all the warm water from my local beach!

We were lucky it happened in the early morning so no children were on the beach.

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As above . Good graphic showing the Arctic circle

Translated from Dutch by Microsoft
Exception #warmte …. The temperatures ran today nearly against the 34 °c to right outside and into the Arctic Circle. Yesterday, several records were broken. > > #ttps:// more #heatwave info #Scandinavia #varm #kuuma

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Unreal the temps their getting up there.
33C in Lapland? Over 30C within the Arctic Circle!

Great thread OP!

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