So I bought a VGA cable some time back and I could get no picture or sound out of it despite trying it on 3 different TVs. Thinking the cable was broken I then bought an Akura HDMI box from the BeharBros.

After trying it on three different TVs and the blue light on the Akura not turning on and no sound or picture coming on screen I decided to take the console apart.

Prior to taking the console apart I could get sound and picture from the RGB scart cable. After taking a look inside the console and putting it back together, I am now getting no picture or sound from the VGA cable, the Akura HDMI box or the RGB scart cable which worked previously.

Any idea what the fupp might be wrong here? I have to imagine all Dreamcasts support VGA/HDMI. Might there just be some kind of problem with the AV Out on the console?

I am thinking of just getting another base unit and seeing if that works.

KeRbDoG Registered User

To ask a silly question, does the power light on the console light up?
If you have a controller with a memory card with a screen, does that screen show anything?

Dreamcasts are noisy buggers when they turn on with their cooling fan, is that spinning?

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