spongbob Registered User

hope that someone could help me out

I recently picked up (3) noraut poker arcade machines,

1 is working good and proper , it accepts euro coins and euro notes

the other 2 are not so good
a factory reset wad performed in the game option menu and ever since then, it still accepts the coins as before hand but the credits won't appear on the screen, the remain at zero

iv swapped around the coin mechs and they seem are all working fine on the other machine, so i have know they are not an issue

also, I am no longer able to access the menu
like before hand prior to me doing the factory reset

I am hoping that somebody has experience in this type machine

it would be a shame to have to strip it down for parts and sell them on

I've looked high and low online through multiple website and i have tried everything that I possible could

there must be another way around it?

Mitchomagic Registered User

Is there credit boards fitted?, the chips go bad,

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spongbob Registered User

it's funny that the coins are accepted, but not adding up on credit sections

I have a 3rd fully working machine

I could
exchange the boards around a
and see if that helps the issue

I don't won't to jeopardise the working board to be left with another dud

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