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I wonder will the anemometer move, though. It's south of the midpoint of the current runway in bsal's image above. I suppose the solution is to install new independent anemometers at either end of the new runway for ATC to report local wind conditions to traffic using that runway. There already is one such anemometer at the threshold of the current runway (I posted it above). In that case the station meteorological and climatalogical wind data will remain unchanged as they can still come from the main anemometer.

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I received a reply from Met Eireann regarding the email I sent about Shannon airport. I've asked permission to post the contents here and he's ok with it so here's the response

Hi David,

Regarding the exposure at synoptic sites:

Synoptic sites are chosen carefully to ensure compliance with WMO guidelines, both for realtime ‘synoptic’ observations and with a view to maintaining long term records. One of the factors take into account is the likelihood of future development within the locality of the site.

At airports, sites can become encroached by development works which are outside our control and have not been foreseen. We aim to achieve a balance between the continuation of record taking in a unique location versus relocating an observing site– both of which can cause inhomogeneity in the historic datasets. We are currently upgrading the observing infrastructure at all the State’s airports, this is a major project which has been in planning since 2013, civil works have just commenced, this will result in the relocation and modernisation of most of the observing infrastructure at these airports, including at Shannon. As regards Shannon the current enclosure has been in use since 2004, while some changes in the environment of the enclosure have occurred since then, we still regard the location as within WMO guidelines. The prevailing synoptic conditions during early July meant that the highest temperatures occurred in the west of the country.

Kind regards,

I asked as a follow up question if there are any adjustments to the raw data to take account of changes to the site location or any changes to the environment and he said
In relation to the raw data, there are standard qc processes but as I am not directly involved in that, I wouldn’t have all the details so I will request a response from the climate department and will forward it on to you when I get it.

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An aerial view of the Durrow climate station: (forgot to label the Manual Rain Gauge which is to the right of the Grass thermometer enclosure)

Countryside to the east:

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