dudara Administrator

Also, IIRC, you need 90 days notification in writing before a rent increase can take effect. The rent increase does not have to happen at the same time as the lease expiring

DarraghR Registered User

Emailed the estate agent 2 days ago to confirm everything discussed over the phone. Just highlighted the rent increase and asked would that begin 90 days after signing the new lease. Also added a maintenance list of things to be fixed and asked about a counter top freezer.

No reply so emailed today asking was our previous email received. Hopefully he wont try something on like issue our notice ...

DarraghR Registered User

Still no response from the estate agent.

We just paid the first month of our 3rd year anyway. My girlfriend read somewhere that we automatically can stay in the property for 4 years at a certain stage.

Baby01032012 Registered User

What your girlfriend is referring to is your Part IV rights. Once you’re there more than 6 months these kick in. As your tenancy started before December 2016 you have right to stay for 4 years unless specific conditions met such as sale, relative moving in or substantial refurb. For any tenancies starting after December 2016 the part Iv term is 6 years.

DarraghR Registered User

Got a 15 month lease and we can leave in the first 3 months and retain our deposit. 4% rent increase starts on the 4th month.

Just waiting on maintenance issues to be addressed.

Bubbaclaus Registered User

I wouldn't have tied myself into a 15 month lease when you have Part IV there. Presumably if you must leave after, say 6 months, you are potentially on the hook for 9 months rent?

DarraghR Registered User

We prefer to know that we are guaranteed at least 1 year based on location and prices

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