Lynnington3 Registered User

I’ve a bit of time on my hands for the summer and was thinking of improving my Irish. I’d have very poor Irish, studied ordinary level for both junior and leaving cert, and most of that is forgotten at this stage but would love to be able to hold a basic conversation in my native language!

I was looking at the ranganna course but I’m unsure as to whether I’d be better off going with the lower level intermediate as opposed to the beginner as the website says that the beginner level isn’t suitable for people who have studied Irish at school.

Anyone had any experience with ranganna?

deirdremf Registered User

Are you of an academic frame of mind? if so, Mícheál Ó siadhail's course Learning Irish would do the trick.
beginner's level is a waste of time for you, what you need is a refresher course, but i don't know where you would find one.
What part of the country do you live in? try and find a ciorcal comhrá in the neighbourhood, and take it from there.

skankrandy Registered User

My irish is a bit rubbish too, forgotten most of what I learned in school. I used Duolingo a bit over Summer and it was a good refresher though I kinda dropped off when work got busier. Its worth a try though since its free

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