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Win tickets to an exclusive screening of the first 3 episodes of Home & Away with Liberty Insurance

Home & Away is 30 years old this year and many of us will admit to running home from school or college to catch the latest episode… Shane & Angels wedding anyone?

As proud sponsors of Home & Away, Liberty Insurance are celebrating this milestone by holding a private screening of the first ever 3 episodes of Home and Away in RTE Studios on Monday 21st May!

This is a money-can’t-buy experience, and a must for any die-hard Home & Away fan! To be in with a chance of winning, just tell us about your fondest memory of Home & Away. We will choose 5 winners before Thursday 17th May.

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Fox Hound Registered User

Unreal Memory !!!!Love Alf

BabysCoffee Registered User

When Bobby appeared in Ailsa's fridge

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swingking Registered User

When Sally says goodbye to the Bay. One of the saddest moments.

spurious Category Moderator

Bobbi, Frank and the real (original) Pippa. Always loved Celia too.

IrishAlice Registered User

I loved when the River boys first came into the show and the relationship between Brax and Charlie. Myself and all my work friends were hooked and used to watch the show religiously every lunchtime in the kitchen in work

JP Liz V1 Registered User

Meg dying in Blake's arms on the beach, cried like a baby

The actress who played Meg died of cancer recently - RIP

amdublin Category Moderator

I was 10(ish) and very uncool in school...because we didn't have the channels to watch neighbours like all the othe girls in school.

Along comes home and away and so began my new life "hey amdublin did you watch neighbours last night"
"Neighbours! Oh daggy... I watch home and away. It's soooo better don't you know"

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Margan Registered User

The Sutherland sisters use their "psychic" twin powers for a rescue but then it turns out they weren't even related!

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JP Liz V1 Registered User

Margan said:
The Sutherland sisters use their "psychic" twin powers for a rescue but then it turns out they weren't even related!

Kirsty marrying her sister Dani's rapist Kane, the Sutherlands were one of worse written families on the show

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SimonTemplar Registered User

I started watching around the time Shane died and stopped just before Don Fisher left the main cast (2003). I remember enjoying it massively in my teens. It has probably changed a lot since then.

eliza64 Registered User

I loved meeting ‘Brax’ Steve Peacocke at a meet and greet.

scheister Registered User

Many a school spent watching home and away. Favourite moment seeing Jessie getting his Oz citizenship

FarOn Registered User

When Blake and tug had their rivalry. Also Edward with the Huntington disease. He was such an anarchist

LoughNeagh2017 Registered User

Christian country boy Geoff Campbell moving to Summer Bay in 2007

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