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Hi everybody,

Can anybody tell me if they have dealt with Monaghan County Council and if so how have they gotten on?
I was initially told I did not demonstrate the repayment capacity for my loan, even though I am applying for the amount shown on the website.
They finally got back in touch to say my loan repayments and MPI could not be more than 30% of my net monthly income and I was to close to 30% at 29.97%.
I currently am getting them to look at it again and waiting to hear back from the credit committee.

Can anybody tell me what the rate of MPI is?


Clockface Registered User

Hi Everybody,

I know 50,000 is the max to be eligible but anyone heard of a minimum amount to be earned in order to qualify?


Helen123456789 Registered User

Rebuilding ireland loan....Just wondering if anyone can tell me their experience with applications for this scheme. I applied to galway Co co last feb. I got loan approval in principle in july. I have picked a house to buy. Done valuation and engineers report and submitted them....
Yesterday I got an email saying they want a house report completed and sent back using their template.
Have had 8 months of paperwork now I need to complete this very detailed report.
Does any one else have same experience? ?

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