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Apparently, this is now a thing

Four games per two thirds scale cab.

Mortal Combat
Atari Asteroids
Atari Centipede

The latter Centipede one comes with a trackball and the game list includes the title game plus Millipede, Missile Command and Breakout

Each cab is €399

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o1s1n Registered User

I was fully expecting to click on that and see overpriced tat...that MK2 one isn't bad at all!

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It'll be interesting to see if the boards are mod friendly too.

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Here's some more information.
Apparently there a Asteroids Deluxe one year GS aren't advertising and out comes with Tempest!

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They look very good, and not excessively overpriced. (still more than I can afford). Imagining the size is tricky for me, even with the little scale diagram they have.

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My mistake, five cabs alright but they don't have the Asteroids Deluxe one, with Tempest now filled into the Asteroids cab instead.
The Capcom one does not look terrible either, SF2, Final Fight, Strider and Ghosts'n Goblins.

Jack burton Registered User

Those are not bad at all. Be a great option for someone who isn't into building or restoring. Have some backup since it's a big company that's selling them

XsApollo Registered User

Could a PI3 be hooked up to one of these and run retropie?

Inviere Registered User

On first glance, they look like a no-brainer for many. I'd definitely give them some consideration.


Flat pack so I assume the pieces are ready to go together/easy assembly
Good games
Very home friendly dimensions
Strong possibility of adding new games/systems etc


Small 17" Lcd Monitor
Buttons and sticks are likely the lowest/cheapest quality
Likely to not have a a very advanced scanline system, if any at all, meaning very poor visuals.

I would imagine if I bought one, I'd want to rip all of the controls out & replace them with decent quality ones. I'd likely want to rip out the brains/guts of the machine & replace with something far more capable...meaning €400 for a wooden box essentially. Still though, half tempting.

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XsApollo said:
Could a PI3 be hooked up to one of these and run retropie?

I'd say it's likely that thry are running off of something similar.
Could be possible to swap it out.
Have to modular and capable of running the different control panels.

Skerries Registered User

this looks like exactly what I was looking for the Man Cave
something that I could put together easily and have some games on it
would definitely like to see if this can be modded to add more games so will wait till the retro guys on here buy one and do the needful
also maybe if a base could be created to raise it a couple of feet, maybe something like this

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o1s1n Registered User

Looking at the scale pictures they kinda look like they're the same size as my two cabs. Might go well alongside!

brianregan09 Registered User

Jesus id love the mortal combat and street fighter one's be great if they did a neo geo one aswell

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Doge Registered User

I think the price is spot on for something you can pick up ready to play in a bricks and mortar store!

Think of the prices the chancers on adverts try and sell self built cabs for with RPi 3's, these are great value imo.

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Doge Registered User

I'd actually be torn trying to buy one of these.

The Street Fighter II artwork is probably the ugliest out of all of them, (i know its the same for the original cab)
but happens to have the best control panel with 6 buttons for in game controls per player as well as the 2 Start buttons.

The Mortal Kombat cab is probably one of the nicest looking ones but only has 5 buttons per player.

I wonder if the original manufacturer would sell control panels seperately?

Can't seem to see who exactly the manufactuer of these things is, surely cant find a website for "At-Home" if thats the name of them.

Edit: Someone didn't read the article correctly!
The company making these are Tastemakers LLC and the product line will be called Arcade1UP.

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