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I had a parcel delivered to the house recently. I wasn't at home at the time. I arrived home to find a note in the door to say my parcel was in the recycling bin, and sure enough there it was. But my recycling bin is in our back yard and access is either thought the house or a side gate. There is a latch and padlock on our gate. After about 20 mins freaking out about how someone managed to access my back yard I figured out that because we've had storm damage over the winter, the gate and the fence it's attached to can be apparently be prized apart leaving the latch and padlock intact on the gate. But you would actually need to force the gate and fence apart.

In short this delivery guy forced his way into our back yard and it has left me feeling uneasy. Granted my parcel was safe where he left it but I'd rather he had left it with a neighbour or returned it to the depot rather than forcing my pladlocked gate open. Is it worth complaining to the delivery company or am I getting a bit worked over nothing?

BTW we are going to look about getting the gate and associated fencing replaced this weekend.

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Complain? Ye should be grateful, ye got your parcel and identified a flaw in your houses security. I’d be calling and thanking them.

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Yeah, I really don't see anything bad to said against the delivery guy. He went above and beyond what was expected.

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splinter65 Registered User


Your parcel arrived safe and dry and you’ve discovered your home security needs some work.
So you want to complain about the delivery man going over and above for you to get your purchase.
Yeah. Seems fair.

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punisher5112 Registered User

How do you know it was opened up already.

You said it it's broken anyway so get it fixed.

He probably tried the handle and it popped.

Great he didn't just leave it out front in plain view to be robbed.

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Gorgeousgeorge Registered User

Dont complain and get the man in trouble. He was doing you a solid by making sire you got the parcel

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minikin Registered User

Phone that delivery man and thank him for being so dedicated, worth his weight in gold!

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Avatar MIA Registered User

There's no skin off the delivery driver's nose to not deliver your parcel.

I also doubt he went to the trouble of "forcing" his way into your backyard. Why would he? Either someone else did or the wind blew it open. I'd imagine the latter.

Instead of throwing back into the van he went to the trouble of writing you a note. It's more people like him/her we need.

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You would not believe the pressure these guys are under to deliver parcels these days, bringing back to the depot is a big no no. Its not just losing his fee for the parcel, if he brings enough back, eventually he could lose his run. Now that doesn't excuse what he done, I'm just trying to give some insight into his reason.

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Avatar MIA Registered User

macnug said:
You would not believe the pressure these guys are under to deliver parcels these days


I would imagine unless a delivery is made to the person in question it raises the likelihood of a complaint from the receiver. Do they not charge extra to redeliver or ask you to collect from the depot?

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Mrcaramelchoc Registered User


Some people just love to got your parcel give the guy a break.

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Sleeper12 Registered User

Did he cause any damage? If not I'd thank him for bringing your attention to the security risk of the storm damaged gate.

Aren't you lucky that it was the honest delivery driver & not a criminal that brought your attention to the gate

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splinter65 Registered User

The general atmosphere in the country at the moment is best summed up as “Wow! I feel violated! Heads must roll!”. This complaint kinda personifies that, for me.

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Tar.Aldarion /flails limbs

Maybe he put the gate back more securely than he found it and that is why you had to force it open?

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TerrorFirmer Registered User

Honestly, I think it would be a major dick move reporting him for essentially doing you a big favor and saving you quite a bit of hassle.

Claiming he 'forced' his way in and you're left feeling 'uneasy' only compounds, for me, what someone's saying above - people looking for things to complain about.

You said it yourself. Your gate is broken. No-one has to force anything to gain access. Fix the gate, move on. Be a real shame to try and get this guy in trouble or what I'd consider a considerate effort on his paint it like more intrusive violation is wrong.

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