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Hey. In a particular 1911 household census of an ancestor of mine, on one of the members, under "relation to head" it says "Relative Daughter"
Has anyone else seen this before or know what it means?
It appears as follows.

Tim 33 Head of Family
Sheila 32 Wife
James 10 Son
Mary 9 Daughter
Eugene 2 Son
Margaret 76 Mother
Richard 40 Servant

The fact that Hannah above is listed after the head's mother and other children, and not in the right order would suggest that she was not a daughter to the head? When i looked into the picture of the household return it is very easy to see that it indeed says "relative daughter" in the spot. The writing is very clear!

Any ideas folks?
The obvious answer would be a relative'S daughter, but i'm not so sure?

L1011 Moderator

Someone didn't know the word niece, I presume.

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L1011 said:
Someone didn't know the word niece, I presume.


A relatives daughter was my guess

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I know you're a new poster, so if you want to pm me the link, I'll add it to the post.

I agree it's probably relative's daughter. People often used the word relative for those outside the immediate family, i.e. a cousin might be down as relative or an aunt/uncle.

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Thanks guys! Im after finding a birth record which shows that she does indeed appear to be a niece to the head!

Thanks Pinkypinky but now that its sorted a link wont be necessary! Thanks though!

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