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I have not been following/read this thread in detail, but on the last post yes, people were careless about ages. Sometimes a 25 year difference might mean a son of the same forename rather than the father. However, there is a clue in ‘senile decay’ being given as cause of death as 55 is too young for ‘old age’ and probably is an error.

The address / coal porter occupation make perfect sense as Clarence Street overlooks the Coal Harbour in Dun Laoghaire and what is now a business park and apartment complex originally was a coal yard (Wallace’s, then Tedcastles). Coal porters were not long-lived, it was a tough job and involved working tough conditions. I’ve seen the term ‘coal porter’ used for the person who kept the fires going in buildings (e.g. hotels) and the man who worked carrying coal /other goods from a ship was described as a ‘quay labourer’ – a description frequently used for a casual ‘docker’.
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Good spot about the senile decay. Yeah, I almost 100% certain it's not a case of a son dying here. His son Michael was also a coal porter and he also died at an early age, 57, of pulmonary tubeculosis (supposedly a much higher incidence in coal workers).


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Could be useful if planning a visit.

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Could be useful if planning a visit.


One tip I would have is that the co-ordinate system is repeating.

For example, to find a grave 26 B3 West:

1. Go to to the West section.
2. Find the grave 26 A near the footpath.
3. The row then goes 26A to 26Z, then 26A1 to 26Z1, then 26 A2 to 26 Z2, then 26 A3 up to 26 B3.

Wish I'd known this on first attempt!


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These records are great if you've a bunch of Byrnes, Murphys and Smiths. More blanks filled in

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