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I watched that episode on the below car. I was wondering why they went thru all the trouble to move the car with not touching the bodywork. Presented with all the dust. I appreciate it but i dont know. Wonder if they could have at least hovered the inside.



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Greybottle Registered User

It's more "authentic" if it's presented like that. It's supposed to be a barn find, so that's why it hasn't been touched.

The car will be vetted and there should be a fairly comprehensive report on it available, regarding engine and chassis numbers, originality, condition and so on. It means even less with a car of that value. A full restoration will still only be a percentage of it's overall worth, whereas a car that costs €10,000 to restore may only be worth half that when finished.

That car will be purchased as an investment, some people will restore it and stash it away, others will restore it and drive it. Others won't touch it, but hold it for a couple of years and sell it on in the hope of making a profit.

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Here's where they found them.

liam7831 Registered User

Seen a few episodes of that series, would take it with a pinch of salt

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