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5rtytry56 said:
Beg your forgiveness sir. :'p

It's all good!

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Infernum Registered User

I grew up in the age of the PS1 and Nintendo 64, with the PS2, Gamecube and Xbox starting to creep in. I owned a Mega Drive, grew up playing the hell out of it and it is a very sentimental part of my youth. Having the best of both worlds taught me that graphics aren't important as long as the game plays well.

There's also a soft spot in my heart for the Game Boy Advance. I have an NES-themed SP nowadays, but back then all we had was an original GBA, bad screen and all, and one of those weird carts stacked with Mario (mostly unlicensed hacks) and Tetris.

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cursai Registered User

Zx spectrum +2 128k

My baby from another mother(Amstrad)

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Mancomb Seepgood Registered User

My first machine was an Atari ST.Quite the machine in it's day.I had an uncle who was a teacher in the UK and one of his students got all the cracked game compilations so I was well stocked.So many great memories:Carrier Command,Bubble Bobble,Sensible Soccer and all the Lucasfilm games.

I had the ST until about 1994 until it gave up the ghost and then got a used Amiga.A better machine than the ST in most ways but doesn't hold the same place in my heart.College demanded a PC and that was that.I still do most of my gaming on my laptop as I tend to prefer strategy and older games,but I am tempted by the Switch.

brianregan09 Registered User

Mine was the 2600 with Space Invaders a Boxing game and a game I was addicted to not sure if many will remember it Desert Falcon

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brianregan09 said:
Mine was the 2600 with Space Invaders a Boxing game and a game I was addicted to not sure if many will remember it Desert Falcon

I have Desert Falcon on my XE, must give it some time

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xckjoo Registered User

Megadrive was my first. Loved that thing. So many hours of Micro Machines 2 TT. Sold it later to buy a PS1. Always missed it but didn't regret it. PS1 was the coolest console around at the time. It was also the first console that got me into hacking them. Got myself a modchip and a soldering iron and never looked back.

At some stage along the way, I got an my hands on an N64. Weirdly I didn't think it made that much of an impact on me at the time, but now I find it's the source of some of my fondest gaming memories and made me a life-long Nintendo fan.

Honorable mention to the Dreamcast too. Some great games and even better homebrew scene.

Kimbot Flaming Ban Hammer Titan

My ranking on them would be SNES followed by the Dreamcast, the 2 most important machines to me when it comes to gaming. I just loved both of them and the games that came with them.

gmisk Registered User

Its got to be sega mega drive for me I was definitely addicted to a few games on it
The one that springs to mind
Speedball 2 Brutal deluxe - so addictive - buying and selling players improving them - I am pretty sure it was an endless game as well.
Fifa 95
Micro Machines 2
Golden axe
Desert strike (and jungle strike! and Urban strike!)
Streets of rage 2

My niece and nephew still play it occasionally when they are up with my folks - especially Micro machines 2 as is has little plus in the cartridge to allow all 4 of them to play!

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Gods but I remember my launch DC arriving from Japan... just gorgeous!
And I wrung every ounce of gameplay out of Pen Pen, Incoming and VF3tb, not to mention Sega Rally 2.
MSR is still one of my favourite racing games.
I was at the launch party, a blast, with Sega Bass Fishing and such, brilliant!

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