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So, just wondering, aside from the favourite titles that we happen to love, what games platforms have made the biggest differences to you?

For me, while I loved my PS2 and Snes, my Megadrive and Gameboy Pocket, the ZX Spectrum was the one.

It was a long time ago, and I was about 12, and I got a Sinclair Spectrum for Christmas.
At the time I my dad had been ill and on sick leave for some time, to this day I don't know how my folks managed to afford one, but they did.
I lost myself in that computer, from learning a bit of programming to playing games.

Okay, so the Spectrum was not as advanced a device as the Commodore 64, but it brought forth some incredible work by developers, from ports of the unportable Uridium, the excellent Tau Ceti, an amazing port of Mercenary too.

But it was my doorway to gaming, with a brief blip in 87 to 89 I was never without a games machine of some type, and started collecting in earnest by 99.

I find it hard to go back though, either via emulation or with the original computer, the Spectrum is not an easy machine to love at this remove.
I wonder if I'll pick up a Vega, perhaps it's a good way to go back to those days.

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I'll forgive your sacrilege about not finding it easy to love a Spectrum

Don't get a Vega. D-pad is horrible, there are dozens of games on it that are text adventures, with no way of plugging in a keyboard, virtual keyboard all the way and picture quality is only average.

A pi with a spectrum distribution, this new one looks excellent:

Would be the way I would go, then zxds on one of your DS family for on the go:

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o1s1n Registered User

Megadrive for me. I was 8 years old in 1991 and had two new sisters on the way, so my folks decided to buy me something fancy so I didn't feel left out with all the baby madness. A Megadrive 1 with Sonic packed in was the result.

They were so broke with the imminent arrival that it was bought on higher purchase. My mam spent months paying it off.

I'd been playing my cousin's NES and Speccy for a few years before that, but the Megadrive was the first console I owned all to myself.

They bought me a little Telefunken portable the following year as they were sick of me hogging the TV in the sitting room

It's mad to look back on, at the time I was as excited at the prospect of a TV in my room as I was to get a console.

That TV actually did me right up and through all the PS1 days. I shudder to think of the RF cables I used to use to get it hooked up

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Lemming Registered User

Technically not a console, but the C64 was the first significant foray into computer gaming for myself, followed then thereafter by the Megadrive. The C64 wasn't the first home computer (as I said, not a console) in the family home; that accolade belonged to the Commodore Vic-20. But given that we got the C64 when I was round about 10 years of age that pretty much set the stage thereafter.

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Inviere Registered User

I don't think any console has a big an impact on me than the Snes did. It was a true stalwart of the 'golden era'.

That, and 90's arcade games...CPS1 I'm looking at you!

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o1s1n Registered User

It's a funny one, I'm most nostalgic about the Megadrive and Snes (and probably always will be) but as far as sheer gaming experiences go, the PS1 should really come out on top. I played the absolute hell out of that thing. It's when the second hand game market really kicked off and I had some disposable income, so ended up with a huge collection that I played night and day.

Cake of Tremendous Power Registered User

For me the Mega Drive and PS1 will always be the most significant.
I had regularly played Sega in my friends house and was utterly blown away by the games on offer. We'd play Sonic and the like a bit, but the main draw was always the more violent titles, Streets of Rage, Dick Tracy and even Last Battle, which I have huge nostalgic love for despite even by the lowest of standards, it was pure crap.
Fast forward to Christmas 95(i think) and I got my very own Sega with Mega games 6 vol 1 packed in. 6 year old me didn't leave the telly for the day. I still remember the first game i played was Revenge of Shinobi, simply because it had a ninja in it. I loved it up until i got to the first boss and couldn't figure out how to beat him. Frustration set in so I switch to Streets of Rage. Immediately I find myself in a dilemma. I'm 6 so I hate girls, but my favourite colour is red. what to do?? I put my prejudices aside and picked Blaze
Everything about SOR amazed me. The variety of enemies, the music, the stage design. There wasn't a single aspect of the game I hadn't fallen in love with.
SOR 1 is still my go to game when I fire up the ol sega these days. Of course,2 gets a go as well but the first will always be the one for me.
As I grew my collection over the next couple of years I experienced my first Rpg, Soleil. I had no idea that games were capable of holding so much information. All the different locations and the fact you could talk to every npc, each with their own unique dialogue. I'd never seen anything like it before.

As time went on, the trusty Mega Drive made way for the ps1 and its incredible 3d graphics. Over the course of its lifespan, games such as Loaded and Duke Nukem 3d satisfied my adolescent bloodlust while the Breath of Fires and Final Fantasys quenched my rpg thirst

Those two consoles will always be the defining points of my relationship with gaming. They could make me feel like I was truly a part of whatever world was contained on the disc or cartridge that was currently in play.
Sadly once the time came to get a PS2 I had hit my teens. Consoles were cast aside in favour of Heavy Metal and girls. Final fantasy games were replaced with Avenged Sevenfold CDs. I was maturing.

Come the PS3 generation I learned to balance social life and got back into gaming, having gotten over most of the angsty teen phase. The magic was gone though. I'd feel like I was just going through the motions playing a game. Even though i'd enjoy my time playing it, I couldnt recall major plot points two months later.
I'll never forget the pure unadulterated fun I had with the Sega and PS1 though and I'm so grateful for it

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o1s1n Registered User

Replace 'Avenged Sevenfold' with 'Nine Inch Nails' and you've pretty much described my exact upbringing on videogames.

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The Commodore Amiga 500 / 500 Plus.

Jack burton Registered User

Sega MD and PS1 for me.

I loved the Mega Drive but the ps1 was the first console I had to myself and was in my room.

I remember how we bought it too. My brother, sister and me all pooled together our savings and backed a horse in the grand national, on the advice of my Dad. This was probably 97 or 98.

Fecking thing won, we were able to get the PS1 and Tekken 2. I remember we didn't stop playing it for weeks.

My mam was away in america at the time for a few weeks and rang the house to talk to her children. This was the second day we had the console, so none of us wanted to leave the TV, and we didn't. My Mam still brings it up today haha

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o1s1n Registered User

Jack burton said:

I remember how we bought it too. My brother, sister and me all pooled together our savings and backed a horse in the grand national, on the advice of my Dad. This was probably 97 or 98.

Fecking thing won

Haha, that's amazing!

As kids, my grandparents used to bring us to the pub with them every Sunday afternoon. There was always a raffle for 100.

Myself and my cousin won it one weekend and were straight down to Quinnsworth videogame section. Bought myself Quackshot!

Children and gambling, great mix

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The Last Bandit Registered User

First console we got has a Telesport SD 050C - pong clone type of thing. It had this stunt bike game which me and my dad got very competitive over, he'd stay up for ages at night playing it to beat my score and then leave the game and TV on to show me in the morning

After that moved onto an Amstrad CPC464, so skipped out on consoles for years. We used to rent out SNES's in college for marathon gaming sessions and house mate had Amiga so never bought a console until the PS2 came out !!

5rtytry56 Registered User

I owned a 48k speccy.

Considered Original Sony PSP, (you could watch videos on those mini discs, as well as play games)

..but only for the fact Sony abandoned it to concentrate on the full sized PS4.

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5rtytry56 said:
I owned a 48k speccy.

Considered Original Sony PSP, (you could watch videos on those mini discs, as well as play games)

..but only for the fact Sony abandoned it to concentrate on the full sized PS4.

There's much wrong with that post!

The PSP sadly didn't play minidisk but rather the UMD, and the system ran concurrently with the PS3 and did pretty well too, just not the numbers the DS did.
Darius Burst, Loco Roco, Ridge Racer 2 and Wipeout Pulse are all excellent reasons to own one.

The PS Vita ran concurrently with the latter days of the PS3 and early years of the PS4 before being quietly dropped

5rtytry56 Registered User

Beg your forgiveness sir. :'p

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