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Would love to see it but twont happen.Kilmallock is dead.

Jamie2k9 Registered User

I can really see IE opening a station on a 100mph section of Dublin-Cork line when Charleville is under 15 minutes drive from the village where IE only stop 4 Cork trains and 1 Tralee train per day. Getting a better service out of Charleville should be her priority but I can't see the need myself.

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CarlosHarpic Registered User

She acts like people are dying because this station is closed. Five miles to the next station is hardly a horror show. Absurd.

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Shn99 Registered User

Ah stop! Next we'll have the 5 people who live in Knocklong campaigning to get their station reopened

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XPS_Zero Registered User

I'm gonna be that guy, the guy who p1sses all over everyone's optimism. You will also forgive me for a long post (I hope)

I've been involved in politics since I was a kid and you see the same tropes in the media all the time to the point where it seems like groundhog day

Every now and then you'll see "TD proposes x " or "Senator proposes x " or "councilor proposes x " and people who are not politically savvy read that as "x is going to happen" must avoid reading it like that.

A labour minister I usually don't like, proposed decriminalizing drug USE about 2 years ago, which is such a no brainer nobody opposed it, and he was an actual minister (a junior one but still) and ministers have power to actually do things. It still has not happened, in fact they announced today they are still "moving ahead" with it to let people know it's still alive. Now there is a process you gotta follow, which is designed to prevent situations like Trumps original travel ban, its a filter system for dumb ideas, where you have to go through a procedure to ensure everyone who might be affected gets to comment on it, experts look at it, funding is looked at etc etc but even there it does not take YEARS for a simple proposal like that it should take about 3 months. Yet were still waiting.

TDs, Senators and Councilers have no power- whatsoever in reality. I once asked a council candidate from my party (sadly... I wish she'd defect ) what she planned to do with the job since there are very limited powers for councilers and to my utter sadness she stared at me blankly and fumbled I could tell ...jesus christ she's never actually thought about haven't thought about what you might do with the job and you put your name on a ballot paper? seriously?? I've since learned this is sadly common.
In a hung dail/senate (like we have now) a private members bill might have a chance of passing, if its' a REALLY good one it might even pass in a non-hung dail. RARELY if the general idea is good but the bill is terrible it can even pass, in heavily ammended form, like Gino Kellys utter train wreck of a medical cannabis bill which needed a major cleanup (cannabis can be a good painkiller and have minor effects on nausea and seizures but it's not the cure all drug the alternative medicine nuts claim don't trust the stories you see in tabloids they always leave out critical facts). So it can be hard for TDs, and they have power over national policy and a national profile, a counciler does not, and transports national policy.

They can lobby, call attention, but they can't MAKE it happen. She's highlighting the issue but has no power whatsoever to make it happen - which is why I'd run for the Dail but never the council , you can't DO f---g ANYTHING.

Then you gotta think of the merits of the proposal, Kilmallock has a population of 4700 people IF you include the rural part - how many are going to use this station? Were gonna slow down a de-facto express service and add to it's running time harming it's competitiveness as a transport mode to pick up what will end up as what? 4-5 people at a time?

I'm gonna say something mean, nasty and Dublin centric, and I confess I grew up between the south boundry of the liffey, east coast and east of the m50...and I don't care.
"“It’s a disgrace you have to go to Tipperary or Cork at Limerick city to get the train" - no, it's not.
I'm sick of hearing this sh1te from rural people - SICK of it. You chose to live in a rural area, you have upsides and downsides to that, this is one of the downsides. I hear this all the time with hospital locations too where people just won't accept the common sense notion that a bigger regional centre with multiple specialties that sees more foot traffic and a bigger variety of cases will get you way better care even if it takes you longer to get there than having a half arsed, badly staffed badly equipped hospital in every town . But with health it's life and death so you'd have a case saying it's a disgrace in that dept, there area areas where it is, where the regional center is too far and people taking sensitive treatments have to travel too far, its a disgrace there is not more air ambulance coverage for such areas to speed their time to hospitals...not having a train stations not a disgrace.

The other councilors arguments seem to be "there is line going through the area therefore there should be a stop" - what??? Sorry mate, there is not enough demand there to justify it, we could stop at every town in the country and it would take 6 hours to get anywhere but Maggy and Dessie have a station near them. Please try to understand: we can't make national policy for Maggy and Dessie, that's the problem with this kind of perspective it ONLY sees Maggy and Dessies part of the picture but national policy makers have to ZOOM OUT and see the WHOLE picture.

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padohaodha Registered User

Don't be wasting your time peeing on everyone's optimism.there's no one here saying it's going to happen. No one.

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Mutant z Registered User

Cant see it happening there's just no demand for a railway service in those parts where most people drive or use the bus the railway service is the poor relation its simply not feasible and anyway they have Charleville right on their doorstep and Limerick isnt that great a distance away i really dont see any point in it reopening the population just isnt there to sustain it.

jaxxx Registered User

Could someone possible help me, I'm trying to find a smiley that represents someone smashing their face against a spiked wall repeatedly...

Charleville: 10 minutes away
Colbert Station (Limerick): 30 minutes away

How in the hell would there be any demand when there are 2 stations in relatively close proximity? What exactly does Kilmallock have to offer that warrants the demand for its own train station? Are they planning on building a Gaelic version of Disneyland there or? Universal Studios Europe? Jesus...

I'm stumped... I'm only about 20 minutes from Kilmallock myself and I cannot see how it needs a station.

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JCX BXC Registered User

Have just listened a piece on the news with her talking.

Seems like a right Mrs.Idealistic now to be honest with no regard for reality or cost

jaxxx Registered User

JCX BXC said:
Have just listened a piece on the news with her talking.

Seems like a right Mrs.Idealistic now to be honest with no regard for reality or cost

I bet you any money she's one of them people that genuinely believes money grows on trees!

Let me check my wallet... Ok not any money but I do have a fiver, €3.67 in change, a coupon for SuperMacs and an unused tissue.

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padohaodha Registered User

She's actually a decent enough skin.left sf due to alleged bullying.An independent now.In fairness,Kilmallock has been run into the ground due to neglect so I'm presuming that a railway stop was just one of her points.

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end of the road Registered User

padohaodha said:
She's actually a decent enough skin.left sf due to alleged bullying.An independent now.In fairness,Kilmallock has been run into the ground due to neglect so I'm presuming that a railway stop was just one of her points.

exactly. all she proposed was the reopening of the station. it's not going to happen but it's hardly the end of the world her proposing it.

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JCX BXC Registered User

You can have neck and still think money grows on trees!

Yes she has other points, however the train is her main one, which she has advertised personally on the media. This is quite frankly bizzare as Charleville is very close nearby and only manages 5 services a day. Even if the Limerick-Cork line reopened, it's likely that Kilmallock would never reopen. It's not that big of a place.

EOTR, I don't think anyone has had much of reaction at all, so I'm not sure where you're going with your suggestion of an end of the world type reaction from users on here, but I'd suspect not very far.

whisky_galore Registered User

Every parish should have its own pump....

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