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I was wondering if anyone has been to the Dublin Ireland Family History Centre near Glasnevin? I'm planning on going Wednesday morning and I don't want to waste my time as I'm taking time off work to visit it. I have rang them numerous times and there has been no answer so I'm hoping it will be opened as stated on the Family Search website.


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Hi Lollie25

If you do a search of this forum, you'll see we've talked about them before and how difficult they are to get hold of.
In my opinion, there's not much available on site that you can't get somewhere else more easily, unless you have specifically ordered in microfilm from Salt Lake City. But I believe they are or already have discontinued that service.

What are you looking for?

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Hi pinkypinky,

I'm currently looking for a grand aunt who went to the states in 1921. I found that she landed in Philadelphia but I cant find anything after that. I was then going to start looking for a Marriage cert as I am assuming the reason I cant find anything on her is that she changed her surname (if she got married) . When I go onto Family Search, I try and view a Marriage cert with the same maiden name, the link then redirects me to the Dublin Ireland Family History Centre so I cannot view it online.
I was planning to go there on Wednesday to see if I can get more information as I am now stuck and can't seem to find anymore information on her.

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Is this a marriage cert in the USA? I presume you have looked under this possible married name on the censuses (1930/1940) which should show year of immigration and country of birth, etc.

Other people may have more experience with this, but I doubt you'll be able to get what you're looking for without ordering a film in. If you click the link in my last post, you'll see a myriad of issues that people had with trying to get access there.

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You know what I tried everything but that . Even one day spent hours looking for every Mary from Ireland that went to the states in 1921

Thanks Pinkypinky will try that and see how I get on.

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FamilySearch discontinued their microfilm service in September 2017. Much has been digitized--but you have to go to a FHC to use their computers to view images. You can't even see these images at 'affiliate libraries' as you used to with film. And, as with Dublin, FHCs can be very difficult of access--few hours, old computers, not enough computers. You cannot bring your own laptop and use it there to view images.

For Philadelphia Catholic records, take a look at FindMyPast. They are digitizing the records of a number of major American archdioceses and Philly is one of them. I found a 19c family marriage--Ireland via England--on FMP last fall.

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