MidMan25 Registered User

Soccarboy11 said:
one of the blackest clouds i've seen in a while to the left of me on cork city, wonder if it will hit or not, looks like it should

Spotted that too, sky went extremely dark for 10-15 mins.

sdanseo Registered User

It was trying really hard to snow all the way round the M50 just now. Lashing sleet really heavily, flakes both visible and audible, unusual combination! Sadly just a degree or slightly more too warm.

I'd say Dublin Mountains above 300m or so are a winter wonderland again.

gabeeg Registered User

Bugger all happening at 150


1st rain shower of the day here near Arklow just now


Neddyusa Registered User

Horrible, awful, brutal night here! Worst of the winter so far. Just 2 C and 6 hours of constant torrential rain driven by a gale force Northerly wind.

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