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Dades Would you like to know more?

Seems a bit mad stealing something so rare.

The value is hardly worth the extra risk I'd have thought.


Well, it won't be used as a getaway car. Terrible thing to do. If it isn't broken for spares it'll end up in the UK. Local woman had a very early Major stolen and it was like it disappeared off the planet, Guards reckon it was exported. Keep an eye on the usual sites, DD, stealbay etc.

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possibly stolen to order and in a container already. So sad for it's owner

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Yep....straight up north and across the sea would of been the plan for this car i'd say, hate to think someone down here would stoop so low as to have it stolen for parts.

Isambard Registered User

it's found.

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Isambard said:
it's found.

Don't tell me he left it in Aldi and forgot he'd brought it.

irshmerc Registered User

That's brilliant.

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TWO youths have been questioned by gardaí following the recovery of a vintage Morris Minor which was stolen from a garage in Castlebar earlier this week.

The vehicle, gardaí have confirmed, will be returned to its owner very soon.

The suspects were arrested following a garda surveillance operation.

The car, which was taken from a garage off Spencer Street, was recovered at the rear of the GMIT campus in Castlebar.

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Isambard Registered User

a timely moment to suggest we all review our security

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I see another classic stolen from limerick this time (not quite so old but still restored and cherished by the owner)

Its more likely that this one actually is in a container on its way to africa or whereever they all get exported too,

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