arcadeblasters Registered User

So my good wife got me a spiffy new linx 1020 tablet for Christmas. Cracking little thing, windows 10, detachable keyboard and unusually enough on a tablet, 2 full size usb ports.

been doing the usual browsing, netflix ebooks ect but im going to whack a few emus and games on. I've 2 fullsize cabs at home (1 running maximus and other running 1 500 in 1) 1 cocktail running a 60 in 1 and a pi running recallbox. built the cabs myself as well as many others sold to order. So i've a bit of previous....

I could go down the whole route of seeing what runs best on the tablet or could hear from peeps in here who may have done the samewith their own tablets - tried gens but it would freeze when switching to fullscreen. windowed mode runs perfect.

whats everyone finding the best for running Megadrive/snes/ neogeo/arcade ect?

eddhorse Registered User

Launchbox maybe

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