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Yeh had emailed nl post.
Had got an email from eBay last week saying seller a/c may have been compromised and not to send money .Think after seller changed listing to usb wire they were trying to say a:c hacked .theyre not answering now so Guessing I won’t be receiving them now

jeffk Registered User

SO pass the pass literally and figuratively

Email I sent got bounced to BMW Athlone post with this

To whom it may concern,
Please see email below.
Ronan Farrelly
Dublin Mail Centre

Then they sent me this
You must send in evidence of valuation that also describes the products. We have two packets here in total. Send to

So I eventually found out you can download a PDF of PayPal receipt and sent that on, as a screenshot etc doesn't seem to enough

As someone said they must look more than they actually are and customs rubbing their hands on some potential tax etc

jeffk Registered User

1 of 3 arrived, customs in Athlone last week said had two packages,so not looking good. An post tape opened for customs on the side,but didn't open the plastic around the box itself.

Excellent sound and product,great bargain thanks OP

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sioda Registered User

Got mine this morning. Very impressed so far. Well worth the punt.

jeffk Registered User

Panic over.

Got onto an post customer care, came home to two in a package. Again with the custom tape and one of the headphone bags opened with the same tape on it.

Thankfully no messing with PayPal or broken English emails to the seller.

In the end worth it all for a great bargain, can enjoy them now, thanks again OP

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