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I just saw them even cheaper again, i purchased them at €6.58.

Available here for €4.93

I do not know if these are any good, realistically, the normal price has been €10 in the past, but at the moment, the cheapest i can find (apart from these) is €14 Rebranded as NewBee
They could be terrible, or the seller may be hacked and you may be refunded, or they could be fairly decent...

Estimated delivery: Tue. 30 Jan. - Wed. 14 Mar.

Zinsoko NB-6 Music Headphone Rechargeable Battery Over 60Hours Bluetooth V4.1 NFC €6.58

€14 Rebranded as NewBee

SoundandVision (Description and Spec here also) for $30

They also appear on Aliexpress for €40

And on Crapshit for €38.21

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kfrp Registered User

Bought a set, seem great value!

Suckit Registered User

kfrp said:
Bought a set, seem great value!

That is what i am hoping
For that price. Also the fact that other stores are selling them for over €20.

Unboxing they look decently packaged -

The lowest price that they were on Amazon was $20 and the average was $38
and the reviews are not the worst

I am not expecting anything great from them at all, but i will be looking forward to receiving them

Mine were dispatched at 02:48AM this morning so hopefully they will not take as long as they said on the eBay listing.

Smiles35 Registered User

Buy two while yous are there at that price.

Discodog Registered User

Out of stock now

m1989 Registered User

Discodog said:
Out of stock now

More available now at the OP's link. Ordered 2 yesterday and got dispatch notification this morning.

Rooy Registered User

Bought a pair there for the kids , €4.88 , bit worried it says choice of 3 colours but doesnt give you choice to choose , so might end up with brown or red rather than the desired black.

pissed Registered User

Thanks OP, just bought a set now.

shardylan Registered User

Just got mine (mine are black /red as in pic) and very happy thanks op.Havent tried them out yet but they come in a fancy hard case and look really excellent quality so for €6(I paid higher price ) total bargain

They are also back in stock with seller now

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Postman was knocking on my door at 6:45AM.. I could not peel myself up (it was during snooze time between alarms).
I thought it might be a wireless repeater that i ordered, i guess it may have been them.

Suckit Registered User

I collected mine from the post depot.
Exact same as the video above. I am happy. I am charging them now so i have not tried them, but i will be keeping the case, it is decent and will be good to have.
One hard case.
Two cables, one male to male 3.5mm audio cable and a micro USB charging cable.
Phone ring-stand thing.
Red and Black headphones.
Instruction manual.

Ridiculously good for the price. The extras alone would be a much higher price in a B&M and probably many online stores.

I ran a few tests, i was not expecting much but they did quite well, very well in fact.
I do find them a bit muffled, but nothing worst than an average pair between €20 - €30.

I ran these tests and got decent results.

I am aware there are plenty of other things to take into consideration, but using my phone and these €6.50 (€5) headphones, the results were excellent for the price and good depending on how much higher you go.

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brightkane Brightane

Can the 3.5mm cable be used on the headphones when the battery is dead?

Suckit Registered User

brightkane said:
Can the 3.5mm cable be used on the headphones when the battery is dead?

Yes, and the cable that comes with it is a fairly decent length.

chavezychavez Registered User

Available under here again for approx €6.43

sioda Registered User

Dammit thanks BA another random purchase thanks op 😁

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