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There's a family in my locality in which the father has transitioned to a woman. The second eldest son in the family has also decided to transition at the age of 12. It's clear as night and day that as a very impressionable 12 year old kid he's simply mimicking the fathers carry on, which is a shame really when you think about the confusion that'll cause him later in life.

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This short period of time will be looked back on as some sort of bizarre social experiment by historians.

Theres a lot of juicy things on the horizon that's gonna be a slap in the face for developed countries.

Like driving a car while listening to some eejit endlessly prattle on about their weird anxieties. You'll end up in a trance just nodding your head, no longer paying attention, "yeah"....."yeah"....."Oh really?"......"yeah"...."uh huh"....."yeah".

Then the engine starts smoking and the drivers like "right, **** this, I have to pay attention to something actually important here" and drop-kicks the whinger out of the moving car.

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Ads by Google said:
Punctuation exists for a reason.

I identify as post-punctuation.

Apologies for the full stop.

And that one.


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