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What are in your opinion the best and worst football pundits?

My list of bad would far outweigh the good and I'm sure most are the same. Some absolute scutter they peddle.

The Irish lads - Kerr, Liam Brady,Sadlier, Duff
Gary Neville (before he left to manage)
Jermaine Jenas
Jamie Carragher
Steve McManaman

Phil Neville - brutal just brutal, I turn him off when he's on MOTD
Henry - boring
Shearer - the most contradictory pundit I can think of
Mark Lawrenson
Danny Murphy - his commentary is even worse - like a man about to throw in the towel.
Michael Owen.

Just aswell some of these lads made a living kicking a ball as they are not cut out for the media.

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Mocha Joe Registered User

Steve Mcmanaman good?

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Harry Palmr Registered User

Worst - Every ****ing ex-pro ever. If they impart a flash of insight it's purely by chance. A confluence of words that actually means something. Infinite monkeys/typewriter stuff.

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GavRedKing Category Moderator

Jamie Redknapp.

Theres far too many ex-footballers that are now pundits, only because they played the game. They cant articulate their points well enough so revert to tired cliches.

Forgot Merson actually. hes brutal, pretty much any of the Sky pundits are.

McManaman is another on BT that if hes on, I'm finding another stream.

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citytillidie Registered User

Bad the ex pros

Good the Jurnos in the BT European Goal show

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Rushden Registered User

If I could understand any of what Henry says it would help .......but yeah he's awful. Rather than analyse a goal he just describes what we're seeing on camera .

"It's a good pass from Silva to aguero"
"And WOW that finish , bottom corner"

Great insight

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MD1990 Registered User

I think Henry is good. Find his insight into Pep style interesting.
I don't find the RTE pundits are great.

Neville is good but overrated. Remember he said City cannot win the league as they don't have a strong spine & the PL is all about pace & power. Nonsense. Surprised he hasn't got more flak for this.

Carragher is very annoying commentating on a game. But a good pundit in the studio.
Ferdinand on BT is a decent pundit too.

The rest all poor. Don't put in much research.

The Journo's are better because they have to work harder & have the knowledge to get where they are (don't rely on their name) particularly the one's who follow the European leagues

I enjoy

Sid Lowe
Graham Hunter
Guillem Balague (apart from transfers)

among others.

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rob316 Registered User

How could I have forgotten Redknapp. He will basically lick up to the more famous player in the studio.

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GBX Registered User

Garth Crooks .. can't stand him.

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SlickRic Moderator

Phil Neville is by far the worst of the lot. it's not even close. and I include Redknapp, Phil Thompson, Garth Crooks and Hargreaves in that. he's impossible to listen to unless you've a hard-on for Utd and you've no interest in hearing objective insight.

it makes me physically angry that he seems to get so many gigs.

rob316 Registered User

Ya I reckon Phil Neville will be top of everyone's list.

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Mr.Crinklewood Registered User

Brian Kerr is wonderful.

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Turtwig Censoring your opinion since you posted

Henry - the best in the UK imo. .
Carragher pretty good.
Brian Kerr
Rio and Gary Neville's ok.

The rest are just shyte. Every action is either terrible or amazing and exactly how it looks. Nothing is actually broken down in finer pieces.

Roanmore Registered User

Robbie Savage has to be the worst, loads of shouting and rubbish analysis.

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FitzShane Registered User

Phil Neville & Danny Murphy out and away the worst. Lawernson, Merson, Shearer and a few others are pretty bad too.

Carra is great, as is Gary Neville usually and I like Richard Sadlier. Actually another ex-player worth listening to is Joey Barton (I know). There was a podcast with him on the Anfield Wrap there a few months ago and was excellent. Talked about why more players should go into coaching and not punditry and the reasons why they pick punditry.

I don't have BT so can't watch a lot of of their punditry but do enjoy some of the clips that involve Gerrard & Lampard.

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