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Dia Dhaoibhse,

I would really like to get my Irish back to the point where it was at its best (in irish college circa 1996 ) and beyond .

At the moment I don't have time amongst the demands of life to attend a speaking group or class.

I do however have some lengthy commutes where I usually listen to podcasts or radio .

I have tried listening to Radio Na G but its just way too fast for me and I struggle to get an idea of what most conversations are about.

I'd love to find some podcasts , radio plays or audio books aimed at the advanced/intermediate learner , does such a thing exist ?

Any other ideas to help me improve my Irish would be much appreciated .I think it is a savage language , I love the way it rolls and its so much more earthed in the natural world than the English which we speak which is becoming more and more Americanized and tech influenced. I'm looking for an antidote to that and I feel that if I could fill my head with that magical language it might protect some of my soul.

There's a philosopher John Moriarty who described a language as "a way of seeing the world" and he said that if a language dies a way of seeing the world dies too . I hope by learning Irish again I can see the world differently.

Is Mise le meas,


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Tá go leor ábhar fuaime ar fáil i ngaeilge ar Soundcloud. Míreanna ó chláracha raidió (Raidió na Gaeltachta, Raidió na Life, Raidió Fáilte). Chomh maith leis sin tá scéálta do pháistí ar fáil

Plenty of audio material available as Gaeilge on Soundcloud - podcasts from the Irish language radio stations as well as stories for children.

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Go raibh Míle Míle maith Agut !

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