odddavey Registered User

Thanks to https://www.tweals.co.uk/tweal/11252

I ordered one. Never tried one before. Worth a punt?
Came in at 30 euro delivered to Ireland.

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d31b0y Registered User

€23.35 with free delivery. Worth it at that, IMO.

Direct link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01LZ8S07X/
Click the 'Promotion' message below the price. Reduction applied at checkout.

It's a very basic drone but I've been looking for a replacement for learning to fly since my last one flew up and away, never to be seen again

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odddavey Registered User

Anyone get theirs yet? Supposed to have been delivered to work but haven't seen it yet.

Hococop Registered User

Had it ordered just there but cancelled when I realized there was no camera, still a great deal

d31b0y Registered User

Ordered on Friday, delivered Monday. It's poxy to control and the headless takes a bit of getting used to. Haven't taken it outside yet but it's far bigger (it's actually massive) than my last drone so hopefully won't be as affected by the wind.

xbox remote for scale

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