Mischa Registered User

Hi All, I am thinking of buying a new Mondeo or Qashqai. Both 1.5 diesel. I do about 50,000 km per year. I have a 151 2L avensis and get about 6L/100km.
Any advice?

MarkN Registered User

My wife has had two Qashqais, current model and last. As much as I liked them, particularly the one she has now, I wouldn’t want to do 50,000kms in one in a year. I don’t have any experience of the new Mondeo but the head tells me it’s more of a comfortable motorway cruiser.

If it’s a factor, the boot in the Mondeo will be far bigger too.

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colm_mcm Registered User

The Mondeo is the more competent of the two. It is also more economical and quieter. Driving position in the Qashqai is obviously higher so might suit you have a bad back etc.

The Mondeo is pretty sluggish at very low speeds, but reasonably good once up to speed.

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Peatys Registered User

I've done 60k a year in a kuga. Not too different from the Nissan. If i has a choice, I'd go for the Mondeo, but due to tax, I'm stuck with the kuga.

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Mischa Registered User

Thanks guys. Mondeo seems more sensible option given the mileage.

colm_mcm Registered User

They seem to have done an update for 2017, so watch out for that, the new ones have the handbrake switch on the drivers side now, it was very badly positioned before now. There's probably some new old stock in the system still.

_Brian Registered User

50k a year, would you not rather the 2.0 engine for drive ability.
Only recently compared both and there is a marked difference.

We have a 2010 2.0 tdci Mondeo and it’s been a trooper, although I personally wouldn’t be a fan of the driving position due to a back injury.

Shefwedfan Registered User

I had 2 mondeo's and swapped the last one for a Qashqai.

The mondeo was a lot better on fuel compared to the Qashqai, for long distance driving as well it was better. The boot space in them is huge as well

The Qashqai was great for kids, putting them in and out was brill compared to car. Was ok to drive but was sluggish compared to the mondeo. It seemed a little underpowered. The boot space is small as well, you wouldn't think it but compared to mondeo it is small.....

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