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This part of the city is a real joke.
It's a stretch of the road between Clayton Airport and Hilton North Cross hotels.

On Saturday it was a road traffic accedent on R139 involving loose horse (from nearby cultural reservoir) and a car.
Car was smashed in bits (probably overspeeding, as no one driving 60km/h here)

And you know what?
Dead horse is still there (Monday morning) on the pedestrian path with two orange cones.

roundymac Registered User

Did you think of picking up the phone and reporting it?

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Give the council a call, more than likely they won't know about it until someone does. I witnessed a dog being hit and stayed with it waiting for the DSPCA to come along, poor thing died before they did. I called the local council as it was on a grass verge by a footpath. Days later it was still there and had to call them up again. With a horse I'd imagine they'd be a bit quicker removing it.

ohnonotgmail Registered User

i drove that road this morning and didn't see it. If it was there it wasn't causing an issue for traffic.

Colonel Claptrap Registered User

That road is lethal.

Over the years i've swerved to miss a horse and two vans coming out of that junction. Its almost like they're aimimg for other road users...

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