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I've done it. More times than I care to remember. Some mornings I wouldn't even have an idea of how I managed to drive home, considering I didn't remember doing it. Maybe it's a bit different as I lived in the country, and there's no taxis, let alone buses. It happened during a period of my life when it was all about the drink. Thankfully, I haven't sat in to drive a car with drink in my in years, and I will never do it again. Stupid, stupid, stupid thing to do, but shur I didn't realise it at the time. I do now. Thankfully, I never caused an accident, but I would have had no one to blame but myself.

Speaking of, it's definitely more accepted in the country. It was nearly the done thing at the time, but thankfully this is starting to become the exception rather than the rule nowadays.

My advice, don't do it. You think you're grand, but you really don't know how bad your driving is while drunk.

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Snickers Man said:
Don't wish too hard for that sort of thing. You might get it.

Just saying.

Don’t wish too hard that a positive attitude to drink driving might feic off?

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NIMAN said:
I see a driver for a Donegal bus company was caught over the limit when driving from Dublin to Donegal.

Shocking that someone carrying so many people on a bus was over the limit.

You got a link for that?

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No and I never would - I am not that stupid or selfish. If you can’t or won’t pay for a taxi home or have no one to collect either walk home, don’t drink or stay at home and have a few.

How anyone could think it’s acceptable to put everyone else at risk just because they’re to lazy to make alternative arrangements to get home or too stingy to pay for taxis et. Is beyond me.

I personally feel that if you get caught over the limit you should receive the maximum fine and points on the spot and or jail time depending on how drunk you are. Not to mention having your car seized.

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