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Things slowed down for me the past while aswell, well that being said I did still manage to get a new pinball last year

All my money was going into the converting my garage into my games room and saving for my wedding.

Now that the wedding is in the books I'll have a lot more free cash to spend on all the plastic things I dont need. Already picked up a copy of Death and Return of Superman on the MD. Trip to IKEA in the new few weeks for some more billy bookcases so I can get my displays sorted out.

By the end of the year I have a few goals which are well within my reach.

Finish the games room 100%
Get another pin and restore what ones I have
Complete the MK II cab restore
Get all my consoles hooked up with good cables to my crt

Also have to get my whole house wired up with security cameras and some alarms but thats not retro

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