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So, I wonder where others are on this continuum of rate of retro gets?

I find, myself, that where a couple of years ago the retro gets were coming thick and fast (ooh-er missus!) these days it's sloooowwed waay down.
Rather than week by week deliveries from the four corners of the globe, it's more of a month by month affair, if that.

It's not financial in nature, as I probably have more free cash to splash now that 5 years ago, but I'm buying far less.

Another factor might be the mainstreaming of retrogaming, with the release of the Mini Classic consoles and ongoing destruction of the Sega legacy with sh1t Megadrive re-releases.
This has made the marketplaces harder places to find those bargains and driven the values of retro goodness up, making for fewer attractive purchases.
I'm happy to find Ibara for the PS2 at €100, but I ain't paying the €300+ for it.

There was a time when Veccy buying, new Gamesroom builds and Candy Cab purchases were common posts here, but far less so now.

So, how do you find your retro purchasing habits?

o1s1n Registered User

Yeah it's an interesting observation alright. It's mad how many candy cabs were being purchased in here at one point

For me I just had a bit of an epiphany one day where I pretty much realised I had everything I wanted gaming wise so decided to stop buying.

I've somewhat grown out of collecting for collecting sake with games, focusing now on enjoying what I have and trying to get my AV setup up to scratch.

Will probably end up selling off some more bits and pieces over the foreseeable future.

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Real life got to me I guess. Had some trouble with the tax man as HR fecked up my taxes the last two years so I'm paying them back and I've also a car loan now to worry about. Also decided to be sensible and do some saving. So despite promotions I've actually less disposable income the last while.

The other factor is the sheer lunacy of retro game prices the last few years. There's a lot of games I put on the long finger as I thought I'd pick up some very common games later while I hunt for holy grail items. Now said common games are going for insane prices. I think it's been fueled by clueless newbies and 'cash in the attic' buzzfeed articles.

There's also the other problem of space. Most of my games are in my parents attic and it's a pain to get them out and most of the space in my sligo room is taken up with games I bought when Steve bailey was taking all my money. And you know what, everdrives are great.

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I thought I was the SD Card Warrior here!

Atavan-Halen <b>He Touched My Breast!!</b>

I think I got to a point where I was picking up stuff because it was cheap not necessarily because I wanted it and ended up with a lot of stuff. Plus the prices for decent retro have gone up so much compared to say 10 years ago when it could be had for next to nothing which turned me off.

When it come to new games I really don’t fancy paying ~$100 for one ps4 game.

Also, rent is expensive

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Mr.Saturn Registered User

Word got out, there's a market for your old **** and then speculation, ignorance and nostalgia turned retro-gaming into vintage gaming and it just wasn't worth it anymore. Where once there was maybe one big get and a handful of smaller bargains, now even the common stuff has a market tax on it that renders every 2nd purchase a 'big' get.

Hell, having just seen this topic, I looked up Gamecube stuff on Amazon's 2nd hand marketplace (common Gamecube stuff, at that) and I simply couldn't replicate my Gamecube collection today without setting aside a hefty sum that'd go ways to making a decent gaming PC or buying a new console with a couple of games bundled.

CathalDublin Registered User

Real life has been getting in the way the last 2 years for me although I have almost finished my garden games room and I did acquire anther cab for out there although it's a full project but I have 90% of the parts, pics will follow

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smurf492 Registered User

Personally im a Gameboy /megadrive buyer at the moment and am lucky that a lot of boxed megadrive games are available and reasonably priced in Ireland. Gameboy games boxed are not too bad but ebay shipping is extortionate ..

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Inviere Registered User

I got out of collecting for a few reasons, some of which have been mentioned above by others.

1) The sheer lunacy of pricing took a LOT of the fun out of collecting. Supply & demand plays a natural part in it, as most of the items are long since being on retail shelves, with an ever growing and hungry audience for the. That much I can handle. There's an artificial bs side to it though, which I've trouble with. "It's old, therefore it's worth a fortune!" This can be seen directly when observing PAL pricing versus NTSC pricing (in general, not in all cases). NTSC is usually much, much cheaper than the artificially inflated PAL pricing, wven factoring in higher shipping. So yeah, the thrill of the hunt is becoming harder & harder to experience.

2) Collecting because it's cheap/for the sake of it - I was a big offender with this. It almost became compulsive, and very much everything I bought would be sent to storage, & never enjoyed. Boxes & boxes of stuff that I'd get to "some day", bargains I couldn't pass up because they were bargains, spreadsheets & spreadsheets of all the items I had in storage....nah, that's not fun, not even close. I'd a thankful epiphany one day that I'd miss none of this stuff, if it wasn't there.

3) Space - very, very little room to use what I 'd bought & collected. An evergrowing pile of retro goodies, in an ever decreasing circle of space. It's no fun when you've to take the morning off work to dig out that console you want to play that game on, and another day to put it back when you're done. It's a hard habit to enjoy when you don't have the room for it.

4) Emulation - The answer to most of the above problems for me. Yes, a compromise, but given the difficulties, and quality of the result, a damn worthy one in my case. I'm not into millions of different emulators, needing a mouse & keyboard to get going...ala the late 90's golden era of emulation. So when I discovered Launchbox, it changed everything. Couple that with Retroarch running underneath it, and it's literally select the system you want, select the game, & just play it. A bit of time invested in learning about filters, overlays, and display tweaks, has given me visuals that close enough to the real thing (I say that as an ex-purist, who had a penchant for RGB scart cables!), that it matters not anymore.

I've kept most of the juicy bits of my collection in one medium sized container, just to have because they mean something to me. Most everything else though, is gone. Ironically, I'm playing more games today that I ever did while collecting. So for me, the transition from hoarder to person who plays games (not a fan of the term gamer), has been a happy one

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Steve X2 Moderator

I had a financial/health blow last year that depleted a lot of funds. It's long resolved now and everything is fine, but i do find myself buying less anyway.
If there's something i really want I'll probably buy it, but the prices these days are just stupid on most stuff.

I'm also spending a lot of time on a side business that takes up time and funds, so there's that as well.

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Where are the new enthusiasts though?
I would have assumed, perhaps arrogance or hubris is in effect, that we'd see them check in here as posters when they took up the hobby, even when it's more about being "on trend" for them.

Inviere Registered User

CiDeRmAn said:
Where are the new enthusiasts though?
I would have assumed, perhaps arrogance or hubris is in effect, that we'd see them check in here as posters when they took up the hobby, even when it's more about being "on trend" for them.

Hard to say, the entirety of the internet gives people many many choices on where to hang out with fellow enthusiasts. A&R was always dwarfed by Facebook groups & the like. Plus, I'd imagine a lot of 'overnight enthusiasts' come & go from the hobby quite regularly. Buying & selling, buying & selling, probably ads to the artificial pricing.

Steve X2 Moderator

From what I can see, the new Retro peeps live on Instagram. And as Inviere says, they are in and out of the hobby quite quickly.

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accensi0n Registered User

CiDeRmAn said:
Where are the new enthusiasts though?

*Puts hand up*

I only started about six months, just collecting NES games. Wish I started 10 years ago, the prices are mad, really don't want to have to pay ~€100 for bucky o'hare for example...

I'm probably getting stuff weekly at the moment.

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eddhorse Registered User

I just purchased an Sd2iec there recently and nearly went for a broken Commodore Pet , slowing down though alright, can only fit so many candies and cabs in the house.

Prices are gone crazy too but there are other options like Yahoo Auctions etc.

Would also like a pinball table but those prices are even crazier.


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