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Hi all.
I am wondering if anyone can find anything for the following family in the 1911 Irish Census. I have spent hours searching to no avail.
The children in the family were born around 1911 so its hard to say who would be listed on it and who is not! I don't have much information about dates. Sorry. Any help would be so helpful. I don't know the order of birth either so there may only be 1 child listed. Also, location is broad.(name varients accepted)

Location: Drimoleague, Cork, Ireland

Parents: Denis O'Donovan and Hannah O'Donovan(nee Hayes)

Bridget (b.1912...wont be listed)

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a starting point - Birth of Bridget Donovan 24th March 1912 parents Denis Donovan and Hanna Hayes. Place of birth/residence looks like Shanacrane Droumleena?

Shanacrane East & Shanacrane West townlands are in Inchigeelagh civil parish

(corrected - reading the wrong residence...)

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Dromleena townland is in Fanlobbus civil parish, which also covers the town of Dunmanway.

1911 census for Dromleena includes two Denis Donovans - including this household with a James Hayes.

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Birth of Jeremiah (Jerry) Donovan 5th June 1909, place of birth/residence looks like Drinagh West which is in Drinagh civil parish with is adjacent to Fanlobbus civil parish.

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The marriage of Denis Donovan and Hannah Hayes on 10 November 1900 in Dunmanway - occupation for Denis of Dairyman matches that given on the 1911 census and the births of Bridget & Jerry.

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Thanks Very Much! I had confined myself to looking at Drimoleague! Ill take some time to have a look at the records you provided! Cheers

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