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XPS_Zero said:
Walk from Cherrywood to the Wyatville road stop for the 145* (more frequent) or the 84 from the Luas stop if you timed it right.

Be aware that, in total defiance of all common sense, neither stop has (despite being at a busy interchange):

  • Timers
  • Shelters

....even though Dublin Bus JUST built the 7 and 84 bus stops at the Luas station recently it never occurred to them to put actual shelters or seats up...at this busy interchange...up a hill...where ice cold winds howl down on you with no protection and there is no alternative shelter from rain nearby...because the people who run transport in this country are, and always have been, morons..

Dublin Bus don't actually erect bus shelters on the network. If you want to blame anybody then blame JC Decaux, with a bit of the NTA thrown in for good measure.


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