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devnull said:
You have the choice of the 702/703/747/757 from that stop and normally in my experience you will not be waiting long to find a airport bus of some description to have space.

Ah apologies, I thought that stop was just for airlink.

But in future, I think I will get the aircoach to O'Connell street from Dublin airport and hop on the tram to Heuston from would be much quicker than the so-called 747 express bus.

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abitofacomedian said:
Anyone else think the inbound stop for the Point Depot is one of the most dangerous in the city? It may be close to the Gibson Hotel and the luas stop, but that is directly across 3 lanes of traffic travelling from the tunnel to the port and eastlink bridge. The nearest pedestrian crossing is back 150m up the road, so 300m diversion to just cross the road. Or if you are heading for the quays a 500m diversion if you don't want to brave running across the road at the eastlink roundabout. For an area with such a high % of HGVs it really is not on.

They should just move the stop to the quays, opposite the outbound stop. Either that or build a pedestrian crossing.

I got a 747 from the airport to Point Village a few weeks ago and was thinking exactly the same thing. It was grand at 9:30PM but I'd not want to be crossing at peak hours.

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