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A couple of times I was told I had been invited to view private family trees by distant cousins. I have no notification of this on my account and nothing has come in on my emails. If I just have an account does that bar me from any invitations being sent from subscribers?

Gloraghgirl Registered User

This has happened to me a few times as well..i am on Ancestry Uk but a lot of my DNA matches are using Ancestry dot Com
I have sent invitations to my tree with my email and user name and some said they could not find my tree that way!? or did not get the invite/
if you go to your ancestry account and go to Trees than at the bottom it says Create and Manage on that than you will see My Tree's and Tree's shared with on that and you should see a little list of Tree's that have been shared with you or that you have been invited to.hope this helps

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Boscod Registered User

This has happened to me also with invites I've sent and have not been accepted. It appears to happen when you use the Ancestry user ID to send, however if you can get hold of the e-mail address the 3rd party uses with their Ancestry account and send using that it works fine.

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Earnest Registered User

I was given access to someone else's family tree (same surname of interest, no traced relationship) and it came up in the drop-down menu under "TREES". it's gone now, so I assume he thought better of it.

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Jellybaby1 Registered User

Thanks for all the advice, will check it out again.

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