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Wet and windy.

Current data for Mayo/Roscommon boundary (inaccurate)
30 Jan 2018 21:34:13

Temperature (°C):
Current 6,2
Trend (per hour) 0
Average today 4,4
Wind chill 1,3
Heat Index 6,2
Dew Point 6,1
Rel Humidity 99%

Wind (km/h):
Current Gust 39,7 W
Average Speed 33,8 W

Rainfall (mm):
Current rate 0,0
Last hour 0,0
Total today 7,0
Total yesterday 11,9
Total this month 406,0
Total this year 406,0

Pressure (hPa):
Current 984,9
Trend (per hour) -1,1

Meteorite58 Moderator

Still relatively mild here near Tralee at 9.1C

Rain giving 2.2mm, stopped now

RH 86%
Wind avg 14 km/h W

Bar 1011.9 hPa Falling Rapidly

Meteorite58 Moderator

Wild night near Tralee with big squally hail/ rain showers.

Got down to 3.8C and 4.8C short time ago, showers of hail and rain going through this morning.


Colder air filtering into the Arklow area
Now 2.9c
Dp 0.8c
Moderate NW breeze
Recent soft hail shower

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Lumi Category Moderator

Cool and partly cloudy in Galway City

Temp 4.1C from an overnight low of 2.7C recorded at 0739hrs
DP 1.1C
RH 81%
Rainfall since midnight 3.0mm
F3 westerly breeze

Barometer 1005.56 hPa Falling slowly

riggerman Registered User

Snowing 10 km north of bandon 185m

Soccarboy11 Registered User

Just had a very heavy hail shower here in Cork city. Currently sleeting / snowing very lightly with the bigger drops being sleet/wet snow

joujoujou Registered User

Various types of precipitation today - rain, hail, sleet and snow.

Current data for Mayo/Roscommon boundary (inaccurate)
31 Jan 2018 22:56:15

Temperature (°C):
Current 3,5
Trend (per hour) +0,1
Average today 2,4
Wind chill -0,6
Heat Index 3,5
Dew Point 3,4
Rel Humidity 99%

Wind (km/h):
Current Gust 28,1 N
Average Speed 18,2 N

Rainfall (mm):
Current rate 0,0
Last hour 0,7
Total today 23,8
Total yesterday 9,1
Total this month 431,9
Total this year 431,9

Pressure (hPa):
Current 981,2
Trend (per hour) +0,8

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Palmfield City weather summary for January 2018:

Temperature (°C):
Mean (1 minute) 4,3
Mean (min+max) 4,7
Mean Minimum 1,7
Mean Maximum 7,7
Minimum -3,4 day 06
Maximum 11,9 day 27
Highest Minimum 7,8 day 28
Lowest Maximum 3,0 day 16
Air frosts 6

Rainfall (mm):
Total for month 433,3
Wettest day 46,9 day 23
High rain rate 83,9 day 02
Rain days 29
Dry days 2

Wind (km/h):
Highest Gust 104,0 day 02
Average Speed 17,6
Wind Run 13073,0 km
Gale days 1

Pressure (hPa):
Maximum 1008,4 day 07
Minimum 948,5 day 02

Days with snow falling 7
Days with snow lying at 0900 6

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Final figures for Grange in January 2018

Mean temperature: 5.2c, +0.6c above the average.
Maximum temperature: 13.4c on the 23rd
Minimum temperature: -3.5c on the 11th

Rainfall: 95.4mm (167% of the LTA, wettest January since 2016) - compared to 10.1mm in January 2017
Wettest day: 21.6mm on the 21st
Number of wet days (days with 0.1mm or more): 22
Number of snow days (days with at least one snowflake falling): 3

Sunshine: 77 hours (135% of the LTA, sunniest January since 2015)
Sunniest day: 5.5 hours on the 29th

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DOCARCH Moderator

Final stats for January, for Dublin 16.

Was heading for a slightly colder than average January, but the last week put pay to that!

Mean Max: 8.4c
Mean Min: 2.9c
Mean: 5.7c

Max temp: 12.8c (22nd & 28th)
Min temp: -2.7c (08th)

Air Frosts: 3 days
Snow Falling: 3 days
Snow Lying (at 0900): 1 day
Thunder Heard: 0 days

Total Rain (0000-0000): 78.6mm
Rain Days: 22
Max Rain Day (0000-0000): 11.4mm (21st)
Max Rain Rate: 23.2mm/hr (29th)

Highest air pressure: 1031mb (07th & 29th)
Lowest air pressure: 982mb (03rd & 04th)

Mean Air Pressure (recorded at 0900 each day): 1007mb

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