Dónal Gravity is a harsh mistress

Blessington, 200m asl, about 1cm on the car back at the start of December. So very close to a few dumpings of snow since then, but just sleet.

sryanbruen Registered User

Not a single snowflake nor was I expecting anything.

snowstorm445 Registered User

Only about one or two flurries in Dublin during early December. Some snow out in Rochestown on the morning of the 28th but didn’t settle. A good few hours of snow in West Cork on Stephen’s Day though, managed to stick for a time even near the coast.

RobertKK Registered User

8th December it snowed for about 10 hours non stop, some heavy snow early on in that event and then light enough snow but still there was up to 10cm at 220m asl, north east Kilkenny.
Then dustings 1 or 2 other times.

Gonzo Moderator

a few flurries about 2 weeks ago then the transitional snow on Friday night, maybe 1 to 2cm of snow this year and only lasted 2 hours. Really hoping we have more luck in the next few weeks.

Snowbiee21 Registered User

Feck all!

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