This was my snowiest December since 2010 in Donegal 35m Asl. Coastal areas here seen next to nothing I'd imagine.

Thursday 7th of December-Showers increasingly turned to snow during evening. I didn't get as much as other areas close by. 2 inches which lay on the ground until Tuesday 12th of December. Not bad for a wishy washy North westerly and especially for a modest amount of snow . There were some snow showers through out this period. Total duration 5 days of lying snow.

Wednesday 13th. Patchy pockets of snow remained locally in some spots. Showers of rain, in the early evening a heavy snow shower lasting 30 minutes gave a slushy deposit which had almost entirely melted within 2 hours.

26th St. Stephens day-Heavy frost early, light snow flurry around 8pm, cars and footpaths white, grass pretty clear. By 11pm was raining and washed away. A couple of hours later 27th- Rain showers turned increasingly wintry ending with a snow shower around 3.30am didn't lay. Barely anything from these two occasions but snow fell nonetheless albeit briefly and tiny amounts.

Late Thursday28th-Heavy frost, after midnight in Friday29th AM a rain band pushing north readily turned to snow. The flakes were huge. Snowed for 2-3 hours. I had to drive during it, 3 inches on the back roads at that time. Milder air pushed in behind it and it melted rapidly but for a few hours it was a freezing winter wonderland.

Friday29th/Sat30th The snow that affected more of the country, it started off as rain just before midnight here and turned to snow within an hour. Snow was much lighter than the previous night. Snowed for 2 hours, just a light covering. Patchy snow cover remained until morning then melted quickly.

Snowiest December I've seen for 7 years. Lots of it was transient but had 5 full days in a row of lying snow and the snow on late Thursday early Friday am was impressive to watch with unusually big flakes.

Tell us how you faired, your location and altitude? Happy new year, hope it's snowy for all.

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harr Registered User

South kildare and absolutely no snow, while towns all around us got good falls and even 3 miles outside of town got some.
It’s like we were in a dip and it all just passed over us ..We normally get some so hopefully we have time yet.

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nacho libre Registered User

I was not here for it at the time, but we had 5 inches of snow a little over two weeks ago. We are 80 foot above sea level. That's the most snow at this location since 2010! Since then we have had a couple of dustings.

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joujoujou Registered User


Apart from that, 2cm last Friday.

In total - 11 days with snow falling, 9 days with snow lying.

Jpmarn Registered User

Hardly any snow where I live near Limerick City. But the nearby mountains were snow capped at times during the month just ending tonight.

thomasj Registered User

Rub it in why don't you!

kenmc Registered User


arctictree Registered User

2 snow events and another one just up the road at a slightly higher elevation. Roundwood, Wicklow.

endacl Registered User

Zero. Not a bit. A good year for snow round my gaff.

Danno Registered User

7cm deepest cover, 3 days of 9am snowcover recorded, probably 5 days (to be verified) of falling snow noted also. South Laois 87m ASL.

Not as snowy as 2010, but probably the snowiest since.

Overall 2017 was a good year for snowcover with close to 20cm culminated.

Kamili Registered User

|<_____>| this much, but it was wet and Icky and lasted less than an hour.

South Dublin 75m ASL

DOCARCH Moderator

Kamili said:
|<_____>| this much, but it was wet and Icky and lasted less than an hour.


Think I had 5 days observed of snow falling.

Dublin 16

Wine Goddess Registered User

Feck all snow, a light dusting which then got rained away.
Firhouse Dublin 24.
Hoping for better in the near future!

JCX BXC Registered User

None this December

Small bit in November that settled on cars, didn't last long though and was very wet.

Rebelbrowser Registered User

about 10 mins of very wet snow on 28 Dec in Cork city area with nothing settling. I think some parts of west and north cork saw some small dustings but mostly at higher levels.

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