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Looking for a birth/baptism information on my grandfather who was born June 1871 in Derrytaugh.  I have a picture of a copy of the certificate but I cannot read the exact date or his parents names. Derrytaugh, Lurgan, Armagh is all I know.

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You will need to give a surname at least.

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surname is Kearns, Given name is Joseph

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is this the birth of your Joseph ?

24th June 1871, Lurgan superintendent's district , registrar's district Lurgan no. 2. place of birth looks like Derrytagh, so probably either Derrytagh North or Derrytagh South townland in Montiaghs civil parish.

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On the one Shane linked to the mothers maiden name looks like Heany but I'm not sure about the fathers forename.

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24th June 1871, Derrytagh,
Joseph, father William Kearns, mother Mary Anne Kearns, formerly Heany(?), registered by what looks like Helena (?) Kearns on 14th July, 1871.

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shanew Registered User

father is William Kearns and mother Mary Anne Heany

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cokieran Registered User

Yes that matches the info I was given, just can't figure out the name of the mom ( looks like May Anne Heaney and father William

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He was baptised in Seagoe parish on 18th June 1871, so their date of birth may be a bit of a guess.

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Thanks, how do you order a copy of this? My cousin has a copy but has not shared details as to how he got it.

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You can print it off from that address.

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a partial transcript is included in the civil birth collection on FamilySearch for Joseph's birth.

The same collection includes several siblings - one as Cairns. See Kearns/Heany births

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OP - in future, please post handwriting queries in the relevant thread.

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