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Just following on from some of the thanks in the Udemy thread, many thanks to all the posters who contribute to Bargain alerts every day.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year with hopefully many more bargains to come!

Please give a special mention to the threads which were your bargain of the year.

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TheDriver Moderator

Happy Christmas all, it's been a pleasure moderating (that probably sounds strange).
Best thread was nespresso machine in Debenhams

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robyntmorton Registered User

Thanks OP, bought two!

And thanks to all who posted bargains this year. I never knew I needed so much weird and wonderful crap!

Happy Christmas all

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Any chance we could have a NO CHAT merry Christmas thread.

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dm1979 Registered User

Have a happy and peaceful Christmas everybody, and many thanks to all those posters who have contributed to Bargain Alerts through out the year!

vicwatson Registered User

Have great holidays y’all

Best bargain that I never got? Argos Nikon camera

vicwatson Registered User

Ps this isn’t a bloody bargain

But seriously, well done the mods

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micks_address Registered User

vicwatson said:
Have great holidays y’all

Best bargain that I never got? Argos Nikon camera

This was mine. Reduced to 25 euro. Pricing error but argos honoured it at till


Alfie1 Registered User

Happy Christmas & all the best for 2018

Thanks to all who contributed & highlighted bargains

As for bargain of the year, I'm slightly biased but for me it was the 3/4" socket set from Halfords https://www.boards.ie/vbulletin/showpost.php?p=102458330&postcount=648 which was reduced from €300/€150 to €30, I paid €27 which was the bargain of the decade

The cheap Maglite torches from Halfords were also great value.

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forgodssake Registered User

merry Xmas everyone . Bought so many things i didn't need cos they were a bargain alert this year ! Cant pick a fave heres to many more

Johnny Dogs Registered User

Have a happy and safe Christmas this year all my fellow bargain alert posters.

My favourite bargain of 2017 had to be the mavic pro I bought back in July followed closely by the Google home.

slave1 Registered User

Have a good one guys, fav bargain, hmmmmm too many to choose from, gonna have to cut back next year

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cletus Registered User

Merry Christmas to all. My bargains of the year had to be the €27 socket set, the €6 screwdriver set from Halfords, and the maglites.

An honourable mention must got to the vast amount of random crap posted by Suckit, much of which is slowly winging it's way to me now

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Colser Registered User

Thanks everyone especially suckit...love getting stuff I've forgotten about like 2 lots of aveeno samples this week..the naked palette from Debenhams and the head phones are wrapped and ready to be given as presents tomorrow.

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tatranska Registered User

Typical BA thread.....no bloody bargain when you click on the link....just chat

I bought too many things I didn't need.

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