BrownFinger Registered User

BGOllie said:
is that a pacman cabaret or a mini version of the standard cabinet ?

I mini version of the standard cabinet.

Have a new in box 13" Wells gardener to go into it!

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Stoner Moderator

Sell 80 percent of the crap I have, leaving the good stuff only

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Shapey Fiend Registered User

Well I got Bayonetta today and I guess learn how to play that? I really do not get Platinum Games even though I know they're meant to be awesome. Can't get my head around the play mechanics. Not having ever gotten around to playing the Devil May Cry or other 3d beat em ups probably doesn't help me.

Bit of a dull ambition perhaps but I'd like to get better at CSGO next year rank up a bit. I've been playing a ton of it in the last few months after not playing CS since 2001 or so and I'm really enjoying learning how to play it properly this time around.

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Inviere Registered User

Stoner said:
Sell 80 percent of the crap I have, leaving the good stuff only

I done the same thing over the summer, right up until a few weeks ago. I hadn't realised, I'd transitioned from being a collector, into a hoarder.

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eddhorse Registered User

Finish a "Souls" game.

Get shed plastered since it's insulated now so I can finally organise some things, shelves, etc

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accensi0n Registered User

accensi0n said:
Complete battletoads on the NES.

Game received, let the battle commence!

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readyletsgo Registered User

Well, I'm keeping to my resolution so far, it's only the 12th Jan but still!

Haven't bought one game at all.

But I did get my SNES commendium book from that Kickstarter in the post today, paid for it, in the summer I think? It's pretty damn amazing.

Started a few games on the Switch this week too, so getting through them, see which ones I'd like to finish.
Set up my 8bitdo famicom arcade stick with a new MAME image for the Pi, all working and trilled with that too.

Already save a few bob, gonna stick with this

Shapey Fiend Registered User

Battletoads isn't the worst except for that bloody airbike dodging bit. I've always been terrible at those type of things. Minecart levels in platformers are my kriptonite.

Retr0gamer Category Moderator

Turbo tunnel isn't bad with practice. It's the bit where you are trying to outrun the circle thing is near impossible on a modern TV due to the lag.

smurf492 Registered User

Mega cd... Now that im married I might finally add this to the list.. If she says so

Casey120 Registered User

The same as last year , buy practically nothing retro and amaze myself at the amount of retro/arcade stuff I have collected and just enjoy that .

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