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Awesome news. Fair dues to Sam for a magnificent performance. He was unbeaten against a tough field.

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An IM norm for Jessel, too, says the ICU facebook page. It's his 5th, but he doesn't have the rating requirement yet. The chess-results.com page hasn't updated yet, but from their claimed final score, he seems to have beaten GM Simantsev in the last round.

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I endorse the congratulation to Sam, I am sure his rating will have taken a boost with those results, well done Sam.
Well done to Stephen as well.

On a technical note the report on the ICU web site says that this was the first GM norm awarded on the island of Ireland, alas no, Bjorn Thorffinsson IM got his first GM norm in the Bunratty Classic in 2015.

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The whole event was a great success. Fantastic turnout for the junior event and the seniors and two very good all play alls resulting in Sam's GM norm and Stephen's rating gain. The Senior was a really enjoyable tournament with a number of players coming out of "retirement" to play or spectate. These are the children of the "Fischer phenomena" and it was great to see them back. There was a lovely atmosphere of camaraderie in the Seniors although no quarter was asked or given when it came to the games themselves. A lot of the competitors said how enjoyable it was not having to play youngsters who have been coached and are booked up to the gills with opening theory. This is nothing against the youngsters, just a reflection on how us over 50s have better things to be doing with our time than memorizing theory!! I hope that we will see a lot more age restricted tournaments in the future, there is obviously a demand for them.

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