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Never owned a Jag but I agree with the whole "3D" conversion. So interesting to see how devs dealt with the added dimension.

I played AvP a while ago and thought it was pants! I picked up AvP2 in Game on a trip to Dublin back when I was a youngin. No avp game has ever come close to that for me. Pretty sure I bought half life generations on the same trip, I had some taste in games as a lad

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I have a boxed jag with @ 10 games some boxed some loose...I also have the CD drive as well, and I am proud to say I like he Jag.

Then again I always go for the underdog...

Perfered the megadrive then the snes
Spectrum over the C64
Mastersystem over the Nes
Atari ST over the Amiga
Lynx over the Gameboy/Gamegear
Xbox over the playstation
Saturn over the Ps1

I found AVP to be not to bad of a game, Liked cybermorph, Loved Iron Soilder, Rayman and so on...

Yes it has some bad games, Lazy ass programmers using the 6800 instead of the two tom and jerry chips.

Also dont forget the first wave of games were ports from the Panther console that they cancelled.

Now if you dont mind I am going back to play cybermorph

What do you mean "where did you learn to fly"

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Now if you dont mind I am going back to play cybermorph

I've that game too as does everyone with a jag.
I just noticed the morph bit now.

For years I thought it was cybermoth

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