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I went in to get my Learners permit using my Irish name and after photo and getting my signature taken, the person went off and came back saying I had to use my English name because I had no photo ID in my Irish name (I'm 17, all I have is my passport in English). So now I have my Learners Permit with my English Full name including middle name which I never use and my Irish name signed on the bottom.
Anyone know what I should do?
Go raibh maith agaibh

Carawaystick Registered User

Get photo id in Irish, try leap, student id etc.
the passport office will require 2 years evidence of use of your name to issue a passport as Gaeilge, unless you marry someone with your Sloinne....

You probably need to see the rules for the PSC, as the rsa take that as gospel these days. Más feidir leat é a fáil i d'ainm i nGaeilge, bheadh níos mó ná leath an cogadh bhúaite agat.

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How long have you been using your name in Irish?
Do you have any proof that you've been using it in Irish?
What did/do you use at school?

You need to create records that you use it in Irish, and everything will follow from that, or else go to a lawyer and get an affidavit saying that you use the Irish version.
Or a deed poll, again a lawyer.

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