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Ok, I was a huge Amiga 500 fan back in the day. Also my brother. We both saved for nearly 2 years to pay I think about 500 pound for it and played it for years. I wouldn't mind when I was in college someone asked for it off us and we just gave it away. Along with hundreds of games

Anyway my brother hasn't had the greatest of times recently and was just talking to him other day and he was going on about how much he loved the Amiga, games like Syndicate/Cannon Fodder/Shadow of the Beast/Lemmings/etc etc

I was wondering, do anyone do a retro console with all the games loaded onto it? prebundled solution with controllers etc. Even if you only get X games and then need to buy additional I dont mind. Think it would be great present for him(maybe one for me)

Any idea's?


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Found this? Anyone know about it?

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You could just get a raspberry pi and put retropie on it.

If you aint tech savy there are people on adverts selling it for high prices.

Could just get an amiga .

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Buy an amiga....get the gotex floopy drive..get roms and away you go...

Nothing better than the real thing

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Amiga emulation is quite fickle on retropie apparently, not all ROMS are good either. There is an Amiga for sale in you could check out.

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Nothing beats the real thing, though in the case of the Amiga, the real thing really needs to be a 1200 with the cf-drive installed. Floppies are a nuisance.

That said, I've two Amiga emulators set up. The first, Win-UAE, is literally a virtual Amiga; Amiga OS running & gives the workbench, the desktop, and runs virtually identical to the real thing. Better still, I've installed GameOS on it, & can now browse all the whd load games installed on it in one menu, click & run. Another very nice little feature is you can use a shared folder between the pc & the emulator, so adding new games is just a matter of dropping whd-load games into that folder, boot up the emulator, & I can run them as if they were on a real hard drive on a real Amiga.

The second one, FS-UAE, is set up & plays nicely with Launchbox, so if I don't want to go full Amiga & load up the OS etc, & just want to play a game - I can browse through them with Launchbox, complete with images, artwork, preview vids etc, & just boot right into them.

Both take a 'little' bit of work to get set up right, though so does the real thing with a cf-drive.

Tut for Win-UAE -

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The Amiga Ireland FB group is a good place if you're looking to pick up something in Ireland. I have a dedicated laptop running an Amiga emulator and it works really well with FS-UAE Arcade Launcher (it's really nice, have a look here: )
There are hardware options then like getting a real Amiga with a hard disk installation with all games, or getting a CD32 which has plenty of compilation CDs available.
There are also hardware boards you can get that emulate the Amiga. The Vampire is the latest and probably most expensive but there have been others.
From your description, it sounds like you just want to play the games and I think trying out emulation is a cheap way to get up and running. is a quick way to get emulation running legally for cheap, but if you already have rom files (legally or otherwise, they are available online) you can just install FS-UAE.

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New Zealand story (masterpiece)
Batman the movie
Shadow of the beast
The list goes on

Great stuff

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