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Wondering if anyone has one of these, think they're very interesting price wise as compared to a full cab. I know most here will have the full cab as die hard retro fans but just think it's pretty cool and easy setup, just plug and play.
Has anyone played on one ? Have watched a few videos on youtube and they look alright and you can add games as there's a micro sd card inside some/all of them ?


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The earlier ones were apparently a little underpowered, lots of frame skipping and bad sound but I'm fairly sure the newer ones are good unless you're a GroovyMAME purist.

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Techmoan did a review on one recently and he was very impressed. I'd say they're a great alternative to a full size cab

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There are a few issues with the games on the Pandora 3/4/5 , i have the 3 and 4s , does the job to get people gaming and a good selection of games,
if it works for you then great,
You could also build it into a cab later if you wanted.

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I have a 4s .
I like it.
You can turn off all the games you font want,so that's about 780 games out the 800 on it
I love pcbs but cant deal with the hassle anymore.
Can't deal with mame boot and shut down times either so for the moment this,60/1 and 19/1 are working well.
Ever since my neogeo mobo died.

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BrownFinger said:
Can't deal with mame boot and shut down times either

An SSD cuts cold boot times down to about 5 seconds!

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