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Hi, all

Entries for the Bunratty Chess International Chess Festival are now on-line.
the usual address bunrattychess dot com
Remember that this is our 25th birthday so we have invited all 18 previous winners to join us.
Some have accepted, some not (the dreaded Bundas League) and some pending, full details on the web site.
If you are planning to come and stay at our venue the Bunratty Castle Hotel check out "Hotel" on the menu on our web site to ensure you get a room and at the correct rate.
Looking forward to seeing you all there,
Ted Jenning IA

L1m1tless Better Than Yesterday

Whats the cut-off point for "playing up" a section?

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You can play up if you are 50 points below the cut.
But we will be using the Feb'18 rating list to check this.
It is all set out in our T&Cs

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I'm looking forward to this one

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Super GM Peter Svidler ( current FIDE rating of 2765 ) is all set to come back to Bunratty in 2018, see the ICU website for more details.

It's the 25th Bunratty and is definitely going to be the strongest ever !

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Hi All

Hotel is full now but there are alternative accommodation options now listed on the Bunratty Chess Festival website.

Hope to see you all there

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