kenwood Registered User

Hi all,

Anyone interested in a night shoot around Dublin City Centre ?

I will be overnighting on Monday Dec. 4th so if anyone is interested please reply.


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OldGoat Registered User

Barring unforeseen I should be around for this.

Tiriel Moderator

I'm a maybe - away for the weekend but I haven't made it in for a night shoot in so long that I'd really like to try be there!

glenfieldman Registered User

Christmas lights or traffic trails

I would be very interested but I havent been to one from here

kenwood Registered User

Thanks for the replies.....
@ OldGoat: Long time my man, lookimg forward to seeing you.
@Tiriel: More than welcome, never a time like the present !!
@glenfieldman: We can do both and some lit buildings as well....

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Tiriel Moderator

I'm sorry, I was exhausted and couldn't make it. Hope you guys got out.

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