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Hello, I have just completed a 2.1 level 8 science degree in NUIG (2013-2017). However I previously registered for an arts degree in NUI Maynooth in 2011, but dropped out at the end of first year. Will this make me ineligible to study graduate medicine?

I see in the CAO guidelines it says " Candidates must hold, or expect to hold by 1 July 2018, a minimum 2H1 (second class honours, grade one, or equivalent) award in their first Level 8 undergraduate Bachelor Honours degree (NFQ Level 8) " which makes it seem like I am not eligible as my 2.1 is not in the first degree I registered for. However, on the UCD website it says "To be eligible for consideration you must hold, or expect to hold by the July prior to entry, a minimum 2.1 (Second Class Honours, Grade One) result in your first Honours bachelor degree (NFQ Level 8) awarded." My science degree is the first and only degree I was awarded.

Does anyone know of someone in a similar situation to me? I'm hoping to sit the March GAMSAT and study graduate medicine next year. Thanks!

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That's a thinker! If I were you, I'd ring the places you're interested in studying in and get an answer from them directly. No point in wasting time wondering, there's a lot of study to be done between now and March. And if it turns out you aren't eligible, you can start looking at mature entry etc. I'd imagine you're ok since you only have the one degree. But, the system has it's quirks so check! Let us know how you get on.

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I doubt there would be an issue as long as you have a 2:1 in a degree.

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I did the same and I'm in GEMS in UL. Just sent in my transcript from my drop out degree with my completed degree. Didn't think about it again and it wasn't an issue. I also know of other GEM students that have dropped out of degrees.

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