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So I am booked to bring my old project car in from UK this week which is on a trailer. I am only here for a week as I have to go back (booked ticket). I wanted to call into the NCT station and have the ID cross checked and pay the €200. Then I can keep an old reg number when it hits the road again. It takes 5 minutes to check the engine and chassis number against my documents. They take copies of the receipt, proof of ID etc. job done.....
If possible drive it there direct from Port or if not the next day.
No chance as the earliest booking is 21st November. I explained I would not be here as I have to collect another trailer of gear so going back next week. "Sorry we cant get a booking before 21st". So what happens then if I am over the 30 days because you cant squeeze me in 5 minutes?
"You will be charged penalties"
Fine many thanks for that.

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It's called an appointment for a reason, once you're booked there won't be a problem with the 30 day bit.

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Please check your facts -
"Registering a used vehicle

The National Car Testing Service (NCTS) carries out a range of vehicle registration functions. When you want to register a vehicle, you must:

make an appointment with the NCTS within seven days of bringing the vehicle into the State
register it within 30 days of bringing it into the State.

You will pay additional VRT if you fail to register the vehicle within 30 days. This usually arises where the documentary evidence is not produced at the time the vehicle is presented for registration."

You have to produce evidence of the import by way of travel ticket etc. so they have the date it was imported. Making an appointment does not relieve you of the obligation to have it registered within 30 days unless I am missing something?

Dades Would you like to know more?

freddyuk said:
"You will be charged penalties"
Did someone really say that?

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The VRT booking office said "additional charges". Since the rule is clear on the 30 day limit I would like to comply because after that point they can avoid giving you an age related registration? This is clearly stated on the Citizens Information website:
Any delay in registering your vehicle or paying Vehicle Registration Tax will make you liable to substantial penalties - including forfeiture of your vehicle and prosecution.
I have to prove the date of entry of the vehicle, book an appointment within 7 days and turn up within 30 days for the inspection or I will be penalised with additional charges. I can take the vehicle out and bring it back in to comply with their diary dates.
It may not actually happen that way but that is rule and the VRT office are not able to offer me any flexibility. I am not prepared to take a chance so will need Plan B but why make it so onerous for an innocent task. Having already done this with my on road car I know the procedure for ID confirmation and it takes a few minutes. I have tried the correct procedure and it will not work with the trailered car unless I cancel my ferry bookings.

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How old is the car, and is it drivable/roadworthy?.

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I think there is some confusion in your posts as regards registration numbers allocated to imported vehicles.

Is your classic currently on a U.K. registration number?
If so, this will not remain on the car following importation - you can opt for either a Year or ZV registration number.

I don't know where you are getting your info about possibly being 'denied an age related registration number, if you are over the 30 day limit?!

Incidentially, from experience, in reality they don't generally impose penalties on vintage imports as the fines involved are so small. I know of cars being brought for registration over a year after importation, with no fines imposed. Having said that, anybody could be unlucky enough to have fines imposed in their case, so it's always best practice to comply with the 30-day rule if at all possible.

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How much of a project is it? They won't VRT it unless it's a complete and viable car.

Age related numbers are not issued in Ireland. You will have a choice of the current series (ie 79wx12345) or a ZV series number. You cannot retain your UK number if that's what it has. If it already has an Irish number it's unlikely you'll need to VRT it.

Lots of confusion in your post OP.

Have you asked them to advise you of cancellations or tried a different centre?

Dades Would you like to know more?

Surely the leeway the Revenue practice in relation to vintage car penalties is inversely proportional to the difficulty in meeting their 30 day requirements.

Did an actual human who understood your position tell you that you will be charged penalties?

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Car is not drivable it's on a trailer
It has UK reg which will be given an irish reg Which is why I am going to VRT
If I don't do it now how will I register it when it's rebuilt? Maybe years time?
It's a classic so I can provide engine and chassis number with log book.
Pay €200 and take it home
I am here 1 week then going back to collect my belongings. I cannot traipse round the country with a ton and half of car it's already stressful enough no good getting a cancellation as I may not be here!!
So it will be in the country tomorrow with or without approval.

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You can't rereg/VRT a non driving car, keep your documents until it's on the road.

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Once the car is in a complete state you can present it to be VRTd. You can't do it until then anyway. Not much you can do about it. Personally I'd be creative with my documentation

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Dades said:
Surely the leeway the Revenue practice in relation to vintage car penalties is inversely proportional to the difficulty in meeting their 30 day requirements.

Did an actual human who understood your position tell you that you will be charged penalties?

Yes an actual human said after I explained very carefully that no matter if it was not registered within 30 days additional charges would apply. That's a penalty in my book. I did not see any point in taking it further as she was quoting the rule book. I already decided to ignore the stupid rules which I cannot abide by.

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Time to give up replying to the OP.

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freddyuk said:
I already decided to ignore the stupid rules which I cannot abide by.

Its not the rules that are being stupid!

They rules are there for all to follow, regardless of the personal cicumstances of an individual and his or her vehicle. If you bring in a foreghin registered vehicle you have 30 days to VRT and register it. You have to book an appointment and wait your turn like everyone else.

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